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MOST (apparently not all here) look at their local tribe section - ah, it directly effects them, so that would be a place to see news- but that just must be me! Funny, this is mentioned soooooo many times about posting in the "tribe section" in regards to vaccines, not like it's rare of something   NYC is also dealing with an "out break" Ohio & California just were too, I still don't get the reasoning behind this. 
I absolutely would NOT! I would not lift one finger to help someone who has posted comments from sites and by those who wish to attack me for exercising my legal choices and they go on to hide behind them! I can think of several posts made on here by those on the "other side" by groups and individuals bent on removing my rights. NO WAY!
They (the vaccine makers) are hurting soooo badly! Oh I hope the government can help them out!! http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304181204579364340685677438 http://www.fiercevaccines.com/special-reports/merck http://centerforvaccineethicsandpolicy.net/2014/03/29/global-human-vaccine-industry-2013-2018-trends-profits-and-forecast-analysis/  The global vaccine industry comprises primarily human vaccine production. The annual revenue of this industry is...
It was brought up to you previously that there are other sections here on mothering besides vaccines, it was suggested previously that a post of your was better suited (I believe one was also moved) to the health section. Besides "health" there are a rage (100's really) of other sections, where most moms also find information, especially those who have young toddles, be a due date club or a tribe (these are by states, most in groups of three and by countries too!) - the...
Wow! If you really cared won't you post in the tribe section??? Yea silly me....,,& the debate is about what exactly??
YYea it all BS made up by those of us that see an issue---- vaccine manufactures are hurting soooooo bad- boo hooMust remember to forget history of big pharma and only look at ads to gage income!Oh woo the poor vaccine corporations....
Dalia you didn't get your question answered, sorry to see that.I will say I am one that would personally defend you and others and stick up for this bullying.I just don't get it??? There are posts all the time that link to those who bully yet it go after members directly instead.
 Replace Paul Offit with Jenny Mc Carthy and I feel offended. ah, there is a way - EDIT - one can just google the number of threads (let's say that mention Jenny Mc Carthy and who said what)  and maybe if one is so "do as I say not as I do" - they could edit out what they wrote - what an idea! How about a "thumb" up to a post in a section where one is not even to post in made by a REGUAL?  No problem giving a "thumbs" up to a post calling me a murderer for exercising my...
One's mind is closed if one feels there are no profits being made off vaccines.One needs to look at who is the number 1 buyer in the US to really understand- one hand washes the other.I live in a state with two vaccine manufactures, they are not hurting!Given the money they throw around the community there certainly is profit-BIG $$$$
There is a lot to read here in the different sections. I'm sure you will find peace in your legal choice-good luck on your journey.
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