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NO, you are incorrect.   Nice try. The tombs were reburied. Others too can contact the cemetery. I even happen to know the hours. 
 No where does it make it morally expectable to use the deceased for personal propaganda IMO and in that of others.
I want to know too. Actually no one has ever polled me or anyone I know about where our views come from IRL. Not only am I member of the .3% club, I must also be in the .1% that are not swayed by JMc! good to know!
 What cause celeb are you following that you formed your opinion from?
So? What difference does this really make or matter?                             She's still in the news regardless - getting married! 
If you looked at just 2013 and how many came here asking basically the same thing perhaps you would not have. You have every right to get as many to participate as you can and I and others have the right not to participate and point out how these have used towards those who do not vaccinate.
No one said you were a bad person. Perhaps has you mature and if you looked into the threads on here you would see you are far from the first to come on here with the same requests. If one can not accurately answer within the given choices it makes it inaccurate. If you read over other posts you might see "we" are none to happy to be portrayed in the unflattering media light (or by anyone) that has been shone on us, coming off as we have is not what I would say anyone here...
Kathy sums is up about the wording. You are not getting a true pictures here by your questions and apparently you are not looking for one either, thus that is why many of us have an issue here. It comes off as I stated, we are being used and not in a accurate way. 
I'm sorry but I know someone who is also a "college student", she in grad school, in her 50's, being a "college" student IMO doesn't garner immediate receptive rapport! The assumption that you feel you or anyone (as in the case of the person I know) need a certain level shown to you, shows me total lack of understanding of who you are trying to cater to. 
New Posts  All Forums: