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My niece couldn't nurse because of her rough start, so i I understand that side perfectly well. I wasn't judging non-nursing moms as lazy at all. Far from it. It's some of the LCs I have met and especially the LLL in the town where I used to live. I called the LLL leader in tears one day because DS hadn't had a wet diaper in over 24 hours and she just said "oh, it's just your latch. Everyone can breastfeed, just be the boss and push him on there properly!" Yeah... no....
That's a cherry bomb (possibly a sweet cherry, they look alike). Pimentos grow differently. They will get red as they ripen, just wait. http://www.johnnyseeds.com/catalog/p...y=458&item=159
Do you cook them or raw pack? Cooked tomatoes need a 45 minute or so processing time, raw pack is 100 minutes. In a pressure canner, processing time is only 15-25 minutes. http://www.extension.umn.edu/distrib...on/DJ1097.html
Grrr! I just lost a huge post! Basically, I have had tons of BF issues. My friend wants me to become a LLL leader because every leader she knows has had it really easy, but I disagree with the "everyone can bf with just a correct latch and happy thoughts! mentality. Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by FancyD My son was very sick after he was born, and has cerebral palsy. Almost everything I planned on changed. I did manage to nurse him some until he was 5.5 months (thanks to some great advice I got here), but he's had formula from early on. NFL is hard to do when you have to medicate your kid daily, but I do feed him well. Too broke for organics too often, but he has a good diet. I used a stroller past 9 months,...
Oooh! I'll join! Between c-sections, the cans of formula that use up all my cupboard space and the daily meds for my little monster I am all over this tribe.
What is in it other than tomatoes? Thing is, to water-bath a tomato sauce you are talking about processing times of over an hour anyways. 55 minutes of processing, plus heat up and cool down according to the charts I can find for crushed tomatoes. Whole and halves are more like 100 minutes. That's a lot longer than the processing time on pressure-canned tomatoes. The canning times I have for pressure canning are 20-25 minutes, plus my pressure canner gets up to heat way...
Spider plants filter the air and their leaves die as they filter. Just keep watering (but not too much! Let it dry out a bit) and be patient.
Best so far: Armenian Cucumbers (but the tomatoes are just starting what promises to be an impressive harvest) Worst: potatoes and herbs! Between the potato beetles and grasshoppers, they have all been wiped out.
DS: school 5 days/week 8:10-2:30 Soccer mon, tues and sat for September Me and the girls: Pickup DS from school every day Monday coach soccer tuesday coach soccer and playgroup Friday-preschool, farmer's market (for a month) Saturday-farmer's market Plus market prep, keeping up the house, community assn. meetings and maybe the PAC
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