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Yes, I would. In fact, DH got a vasectomy because he was 100% sure he was done with babies, but I was still on the fence.
yes, they are not interchangeable and that no-sugar-needed stuff really affects the taste of the end jam. You don't actually need to add commercial pectin at all. You will get a little less jam, but the resulting product is fruitier. Sometyhing like this would work really well with a mix of blueberries and cherries. http://mysisterskitchen.wordpress.co...-added-pectin/
Probably fine. We have only had our squash in for 8 weeks (and it's been cold) and we are harvesting.
My first few red peppers are alwaystiny. i don't get those big ones until Sept!
Nope, that should be fine. That's about how big my tomatoes get. if it does look like you are short on tomatoes, you may want to prune the suckers off your tomatoes.
You could plant marigolds, they help keep bugs away. A bush squash would be good too, depending on the room you have.
PT landscape ties are apparently safe. it's what I am using.
We filled up the kiddy pool today for the first time and I dumped it tonight. The water was *filthy* within a couple hours. Leaves, bugs, DD probably peed in it... We just used a bunch of the water to water the trees and flowers and the rest was dumped on the lawn. I doubt TTO would kill mosquitoes
We put down out 16 year old dog yesterday and just said "The dog died honey. She isn't coming home" And DD just accepted that.
When an adult I wasn't particularily fond of passed away, my grandma reassured me by saying something along the lines of "it's ruse to speak ill of the dead, but you can feel and think any damned thing you want" encourage him to support his mom and sympathize with her pain but if he isn't going to miss his stepdad, then let him know that's ok too.
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