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They're a PITA here, but that's because the bears eat all the fruit before I get to it. My parents have no bears, and they're fine. They just mow up all the fallen fruit and spray dormant spray. The birds get about 50% of the berries though.
It shopuld grow, though you likely won't get a new garlic bulb out of it this year. You can throw it in the ground, but don't dig it up until next spring. Keep it well watered while it is actively producing green growth, but taper off in the fall so it can go dormant.
Yep, it may be getting too warm. Have you tried mulching them to keep the roots cool?
We scored 1150, but there wasn't even an option for our monthly $250 gas bills.
I always brought my car seat on the bus, not because I could strap it down in any way but because DS would actually sit still when he was strapped in to his seat securely. This prevented a lot of tantrums and a small child jumping on the seat, running up and down the aisles or screaming because he wants freedom.
Mine are 18 months apart, and it's a challenge. The biggest thing is keeping DD1 from killing/crushing/choking/shaking DD2. I have to wear DD 2 pretty much all day because if I put her down for 5 seconds, DD1 will jump on her and try to hug/kiss etc her but she's quite rough.
I don't want to know what a palmetto bug is, do I? Answer: yeah, you get bugs. I wear gloves and big boots to turn compost. Somehow, i think this will protect me even if I am also wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Figure that out. The worst I have to deal with are attack grasshoppers and these gross things that may or may not be spruce bugs.
I know how you feel. I would have loved a Keyfit for DD2, but they aren't available here. Doh. The Combi car seat has an anti-rebound base if that's what you're looking for, and the new Peg has SIP. (but is mucho $$)
Ah, but you do get 3 free credits to post stuff on the TP, so it is worth a try.
Oh, do you have pine trees? Pine cones falling sound remarkably like birds/bats hitting the window.
New Posts  All Forums: