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Quote: Originally Posted by GinaRae I am all for eating in season but wondering how you all get balanced diets if you only eat fruit in the summer and greens in the winter (or whatever). Right now there are oranges on all the neighbor's trees but I still pay $0.71 an orange in season! Are you friendly with any of your neighbors? Could you make a deal where your boys go pick the fruit (under mom's watchful eye, of course) in exchange for some of...
Testosterone definitely affects supply. Women with PCOS often have high testosterone levels and milk supply will improve if the levels are brought back to normal, apparently. I've just started looking into this, as the LC mentioned it to me in passing while discussing my low supply.
Thanks guys! The whirlpool Cabrio is totally out of my budget. I forgot to mention that I'm in Canada, and price gouging is a hobby of most retailers. Apparently they just don't carry the Fisher Paykel at my local Bay either, and I'm a little iffy buying sight unseen. It would have to be ordered in. I can get a Whirlpool Duet Sport for $799 (front load, yay!) or a Frigidaire front load 3.5 cu ft pair for $999. Any opinions there? Can you tell this is all stressing me out?
It's on sale this week too! So, why do you prefer it to an equivalent-priced front loader? Does it hold a queen-sized comforter?
I need a new washer, as mine broke yesterday and it's about 20 years old. I don't think I can justify the extra cost of a front-loader. We don't have metered water here so it's not like I would save $$ on my water bill. My budget is under 1k and I do roughly 10 loads of laundry per week. 2 are diapers. Suggestions?
We have about $1500. It was twice that, but we bought a new-to-us car when our old car required 3k in repairs (that's more than we paid for it)
Hehe. I loves me some scrabulous. Off to add you.
www.babyproofingplus.com also carries the Radian, but has free shipping (TJs charges for shipping)
Next snowsuit, look at the Ursus from MEC. I just throw a wind-proof layer over top of that for the younger kids.
It's the puffy coats that are the issue in car seats. Thin coats (like those 3-in-1s with a zip-out fleece liner) are just fine.
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