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We always have a roast! (and a turkey, but that's beside the point. We're pigs.) Make it a winter roast? Is it beef or pork? If it's pork, roast it with some apples, dried apricots etc etc. Beef roast is tasty with roasted carrots and potatoes. Do you guys have an AG foods or something? They had an awesome special on turkeys at our AG yesterday.
I had no idea about the pineapples until right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Jesus How about that ridiculous plaid skirts and knee-highs phase? I was supposed to *stop* dressing like this? *hides her stripey socks* Quote: Originally Posted by dawningmama Dp believes all the good music ever was made in the 90s. I keep telling him he's old and he keeps telling me no one's made a full, decent album since Kurt died. I said the exact same thing to DH last night...
I am in the same boat! We now have 3 kids which has put a serious damper on our social life because my best friend doesn't drive and we can't just pick him up and give him a ride somewhere. I looked at the Honda this morning, but honestly it's too freaking expensive. And it's big. Now we are seriously looking at a Mazda 5. Apparently it's still pretty fun to drive, seats 6 and is great on gas.
Just so you know, you won't be able to use the Baby B'air during takeoff, landing or turbulence. They aren't FAA approved.
Yes, we use CFLs and put them in the CFL recycling bins in town when they finally burn out so the mercury can be recliamed.
I would say mountain ash trees are different, and would cut one down in a second. That is my personal bias against drunk birds dive bombing my backyard though.
Quote: Originally Posted by hypechick ok, so I have a specifi questions about baby and toddler care. How do you all handle nap time? DS still requires milk, books and a bit of rocking to nap. Plus, he can be very cranky upon waking up sometimes needing up to an hour of one on one time to get out of a funk. I'm having a hard time envisioning how this all works. Uhhhh... ask me next week? These last 2 weeks DH has been home o help but next...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa With our first cheque after new baby I am putting new flooring in the kitchen. : No more babypoop green tile. I literally dream about this. Can't blame you! Before we were forced to spend $1000 on replacing our car I was in the middle of de-greening my bathroom with it's avocado green fixtures, dark brown lino and snazzy 70's light fixture. Right now, my reno budget is being sunk into saving up for a...
I have another fleece option for you! Hanna Andersson has a sale on right now and their nice fleece suits are only $30! Hurry! http://www.hannaandersson.com/style....2_M23&cchkrd=y
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