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We make too much for the BC supplement, but this kid will essentially double the CCTB plus I will have 3 months where I have 3 kids under 6. I guess I should pay off my credit card, eh? You know, before I buy shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa Have 5 kids under 6 and a she is a dependant spouse. Ahh. I saw the payment table posted above too. I thought CCTB stopped way before 100k. I was also pleasantly surprised at the increase i will get once they add DD2. It's just my "walkin' around money" as my grandma would say but with the increase I can now buy lots and lots of coffee and Robeez.
I haven't checked mine yet. I thought the re-evaluation happened in July? How the heck does one get the CCTB if you make over 100k?
I wouldn't. We cut down all of our mature pines last winter because they were attacked by pine beetles. I never appreciated how much shade there was in my back yard. it is now unuseable from June-Sept because it's way too freaking hot back there with no shade. We did see an increase in our cooling costs as well. Even if you cut it down, you will still have it's roots to contend with unless you spend big bucks and rip up your whole front yard. Pines have far-reaching roots...
can you close a heat register in the front bedroom? DS's room is directly above the main conduit that services most of the top floor. if we keep his heat register from our forced air open, his room boils but his sister's room right next door is about 10 degrees colder. Could it be that the main conduit for the building runs up a wall in that room?
I would say the slip-ons or zippers. Zippers are nice because he can use a hook to grab the zipper tab and pull them up
I actually win for worst mom of the year here. DS has juvenille arthritis and is in remission right now. Yay! 99% of the time I am happy to have him as a whirling ball of energy but just the other day I found myself commenting to DH "know what I miss? Having a 5 year old who would take a 2 hour nap or play quietly in his room for a couple hours" My house is so *loud* now, and I find myself saying things like "Yakko, put the cushions back on the couch and get your sister...
I can't even drive so nope, doesn't bother me. I have the kids convinced that the city bus into town is a fabulous adventure and besides, it is a lot easier when one of my DDs has a hate-on for her car seat.
Old Navy has some cheaper one-piece fleece suits. It's really cold here, so I have considered using the fleece suit under a car seat poncho. For now, we just bring blankets
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty Congrats! Birth story, birth story! I'd do a birth story, but it would be the shortest one ever: ERCS 3 days before due date. All went as planned. Mom and babe got out of the hospital 48 hours later.
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