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I handled it like this: When DS asked me why someone on the street had "different skin", i was with my mom. I showed him how my skin is very light, my mom's is darker and his is somewhere in the middle. Then i just said "See? Some people have lighter or darker skin. That person just happens to have been born with even darker skin than Grandma" and left it at that.
I was just coming to post that exact link Check ebay, as i picked up a couple NIP for $7 each plus shipping.
Just remember: there are no difficult knitting patterns, merely patterns requiring more patience than others. All they are are knits and purls. You can do it!
I would say definitely check Craigslist for joggers. I just sold my double for $90. The Phil And Ted's is the one you are thinking of that converts from a single to a double. Yep, pricey. Check ebay (or craigslist!) and you might get a good deal. Another option is something like a Chariot Carrier. If you get the double model, a single child can sit in the middle, or 2 kids can sit side by side.
I have the same high chair from Ikea. Right now, I am using it with the front bar for DD (8mos) but it is designed so that you don't have to use the cross bar as they get older and sit better. I would go with that because I my chair.
How did you find her (yup, I'm assuming they'll be girls/young women)? She is my best friend's GF. Asking around is the best way to start looking for someone. How old is she? 21 What does she do with dc/around the house? She vacuums, cleans the bathroom, sweeps and mops and tidies up the kids rooms. She also plays snakes an ladders with DS while i have a nap. DS loves her, she is like a big kid. How many hours per week? 4 hours What do you...
I started taking my kids at 7 or 8 weeks. We just shower after.
tshirthell.com has them, i think. (warning, NSFW link.)
I made a cute little cardigan with intarsia skulls along the bottom border for DD. it was super cute. Also, my favorite little outfit for her is a black or red onesie with the sweetest black velour romper over top, with a goth little bow. You could make some little rompers or something.
We got a Cosco Touriva because it was a close-out model that was a year after DOM already and that meant that is has the 35lb RF weight limit. Since January 2005, all Canadian seats only have a 30lb RF weight limit. Grrr. In April, it is rumoured that Transport Canada will be raising the max. FF weight limit from 48lbs to 65lbs. When that happens, i may buy DD a Sunshine Kids Radian ($199 at Canadian tire) to keep her harnessed extra long. I can talk DH into it because he...
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