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Thanks!  I've been meaning to post on the Chicago ICAN board too b/c I remember somebody recently dealing with GD and issues with Swedish Covenant.  I'm at West Sub, so I'm hoping that is a plus for me, but my next appt isn't until the end of the month.
Ugh, this is the part that is driving me bonkers!  I feel like I have educated myself so well on the VBAC front, but this GD is throwing me for a loop since I can't seem to find as much info as I'd like. 
I just got diagnosed with GD last week.  I've gone up and down mentally, but mainly b/c I can't find enough info on GD and VBAC.  My next midwife appt is at the end of the month where I'll discuss it further.  Right now I'm just watching what I eat and keeping my numbers within the range they want them to be.    My biggest concern is how long they'll let me go and what kind of risks there are.  I had DS at 40w6d and as of now I have the green light to go to...
Well the appointment didn't go so well and now an hour + doesn't seem like a big deal compared to the stress and tears that may ensue staying at my current practice. PP, I drove to the hospital in active labor and it was also 7 min. away, which is why driving over an hour gets me nervous. I know people do it all the time, so I guess I'll just figure out logistics with the new midwives. Wish me luck!
I have actually never heard of them before. Do they deliver out of Edwards? Not sure what kind of insurance you have or what kind of birth you desire, so that would make a difference too (one of the more medically-minded hospitals in the area).
I'm having the VBAC talk w. my current midwife tomorrow (hospital birth, 7 min. from my house and where I had DS). Nervous as heck b/c she already made a comment about the OBs in the practice not allowing you to go much past your due date. In 2 weeks I have a consult w. another midwife practice (w. backup OB, not a full OB/gyn practice like my current one). I know there are a couple different options for me that might be better, but they are at least an hour away...
At 5w6d with DS his hb was only 92. A day or two makes a huge difference that early on. If you look at AmericanPregnancy.org they give the run down on hbs in early development and you're totally on track. GL!
I'm so, so sorry!
I'm debating how I want to keep track, so I'm holding off for now, but know my beginning weight is around 175 ( a couple of us, hey?). Last time I started around 170 and gained 50 pounds and definitely don't want to do that again. It's all about the eating for me since I worked out the whole time (it's the eating for me when I'm not pregnant, hence being 20 lbs. overweight). I'm frustrated b/c we just got back from vacation where I ate like crap and was 180 when we got...
I have no clue when I'll need maternity clothes this time around, but I will probably wear dresses as long as possible. I think I had two long-sleeved shirts from last time, so I definitely need to get some of those and a new pair of jeans since I wore the same ones from 15w on last time. I'm thinking I'll get a couple rouched shirts from Motherhood (or Macy's since their return policy is better for the Motherhood stuff).
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