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I figure that part of my job is to take care of the background stuff, i.e. dishes/laundry/etc, so that they have the freedom to play in a clean, uncluttered space, and then I also have my own structure to my day. They do help me with my stuff and I encourage that, but I don't make it a point to play with them unless it is requested. Generally when they need me they don't hesitate to make that known! We do read together a lot throughout the day, but it's not structured....
Unless you need as much sleep as your DS, there should be some time for adult time after he goes to bed, right? Just count back from 5am for what you need. I spent about 6 months with a 5am riser and it gave me a 9pm bedtime, but his was more like 7:30. Especially with an only you aren't worrying about other kids being awake still.   Good luck!
Glad it's getting better! I was going to suggest that we have found multiple short sleeve shirts a good compromise to the not wanting to wear sleeves. I have a 4.5yo DD who at one point bagged up all her long sleeved clothes and was headed out the door with them, telling me she was going to donate them. But she will wear 3-4 short sleeve shirts at the same time, which I figure is better than nothing.
Our local library does a 30 minute storytime for ages 3-5 without a parent, which is a nice socialization outlet for the child and a good (if short) break for the parent.  Also, I suppose classes vary a lot by location, but for us at age 3 there started being lots of options for the child to take a class alone.   I hope you find something. My four year old loves to be home and be with her family, but she also really likes her own activities as well.
This, especially still true in most of the world. Growing up, I shared with two different sisters at different times, at first out of necessity, and then later as teens by choice.
If I lived closer I would totally be in your tribe! I agree with the poster who said that this is a tough age for finding buddies - too young for homeschool groups, but too old for toddlers, and everyone else is in preschool.  I'm not sure if this is helpful to you, but we've been successful with parks and rec type classes for my daughter, where she gets to spend 45 minutes with same age peers in the morning, so either these kids don't go to preschool or it's their off...
I'm not familiar with the books, but I have a bachelor's degree in economics, and I just wanted to add that the standard, basic economics curriculum taught in the US, which goes back to Adam Smith and his book The Wealth of Nations, that talks about supply and demand, and price theories and consumer behavior, is going to look conservative to someone who has a liberal belief system. Interestingly, Adam Smith also wrote another book first, The Theory of Moral Sentiments,...
We just tell my almost 4 year old that "some kids do school at a place, and some kids do school at home." We're not actually the school-at-home type, much more unschooly than that, but she doesn't know the difference and is very generally very excited to talk about which friends do school at home and which do school at a place.
It doesn't sound too bad to me, but there is a big range of normal. Did the dr. say why she thinks that sleep is the problem?   We've gone the melatonin route with our 3 year old, for many of the same reasons you listed, and it has been a positive experience. But trust your instincts, for sure. Ten hours sounds great to me, but my kid was only getting 7-8 without melatonin.
My almost 4 year old DD and I talked about it quite a bit, and she understands not to come in when it's his naptime. Usually if she gets started on some project she's okay by herself, but I'm sure this depends on the temperament of the child. After he's asleep she and I eat lunch, take a rest together, hang out, etc.
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