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It's probably just a phase. My 22 month old just decided last week that she likes baths again. Her brother was taking a bath and she decided it was time to climb in and that was that. Thank goodness because it was probably Thanksgiving when she had her last real bath! For the past few months we bathed her as infrequently as possible any when we did we made it quick. We also did lots of sponge type baths. Good luck and I hope the phase doesn't last too long.
A tricycle, a little tikes cozy coupe (every kid I have ever met has loved to ride in these)-these are both great for the concrete slab. A small sandbox, small kiddie pool. All this stuff can be bought used on craigslist. If you think your daughter might like a swing, hang one from the tree. My kids also love the push lawnmowers. Maybe start a small child's garden?
Have you been to the South Hadley Family Center? Try looking at meetups.com too. I know there are a couple of moms group on that site for this area. There is a MOMS club of West Springfield. There is also one for Springfield. What town you live in determines which chapter you can join. There are other local chapters too. Also, there is a drop-in play group at the First Congregational Church in West Springfield on Tuesday mornings. Look at local libraries for playgroups...
Congrats on the pregnancy! I have given birth at both Cooley and at Holyoke. If you have any questions about either place, I would be happy to help answer them. Send me a pm.
I know the general street rules- ride bikes with traffic, walk against traffic. Sometimes though, my kids will want to ride their bikes while I push the baby in a stroller. Which rule prevails? We don't have sidewalks in my neighborhood and it doesn't seem safe to have me on one side of the street and the bike riding kids on the other side, so what do we do? Thanks for your help!
I never really needed one for my first either-small house, co-slept, naps in my arms, etc. BUT the monitor has come in very handy with subsequent children, especially with three. When the little one is sleeping, miraculously by herself, I can play outside with the big kids. Our yard isn't big but it would be very difficult to hear baby when she wakes up without the monitor.Also, the monitor is nice when the grandparents are babysitting the kids. They are always super...
Congrats on the pregnancy!  Just wanted to say that I used the Holyoke Midwives for two of my births and I had fantastic experiences both times.  Nina delivered one baby and Mary delivered another.  I also thought the staff at Holyoke was awesome.  I totally felt supported in all my choices and would have no hesitation in seeing the midwives again.
I'd still love to hear from other women about their experiences at Cooley.  Again, I really enjoyed the midwife that I met with and she made me feel totally comfortable about my birthing experience.  Now, I'd like to get a better feeling for the postpartum experience at Cooley-the part that really relies on the hospital staff.  Thanks!   I know that there are older posts about local hospitals but a lot can change in a few years and I'd love to hear some more recent...
Hi Marissa, thank you for your reply.  This is baby 3 for me.  I had my first two at Holyoke and loved my experiences there but due to a change in insurance I can not have my birth there this time around.  I am very sad about this as I really loved it there.  I have short labors and am too far away from Greenfield to try and make Franklin work.  Right now, it seems as if my only options are Baystate, Mercy or Cooley and even Cooley is bit far for me.  I feel like I have...
I am looking for any reviews comments about the Cooley Dickinson Childbirth Center.  I just met with one of the midwives and got a good impression but I am not sure how I feel about the actual birthing center part.  Thanks for any input.
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