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Awww... Grazie!   That's sweet!   Thank you!  
I've come several times to the Finding your Tribe Italy forum, (Athough I haven't been frequenting MDC very often recenty.) and it seems that there are hardly ever any new threads here.     Are there no other MDC Mammas here in Roma?  Am I really the only one?   I am an American married to an Italian and our DD, who was born here, is 5.  
Yes, the whining makes me crazy.   A friend of mine --a mom I admire very much-- used this technique with her kid;  She told him she couldn't understand him when he spoke like that.  (whined)   So, I do this with my girl now.  If she starts getting into a whining jag I just tell her; "I'm sorry, honey, I just can't understand you when you talk like that.  I can't understand you when you whine.  Can you use your normal voice, please?"  It works most of the time....
I voted 9 - 12. I was 38 when we conceived and 39 when Ela was born. By the calendar it took 13 months, but we were not in the same place at the same time for 4 of those months. So it actually took us 9 months. It might have taken us less time had we not been trying for a girl. --You have to time DTD pretty far in advance of ovulation. But it worked, we got our girl!
Thanks for your replies. Hoping more ladies respond with their experiences too.
For those of you with an IUD, how long did you bleed after it was inserted? I've had mine for 12 days and I bled a bit at the beginning, then it subsided, now I'm bleeding again, and heavier than before. The nurse at the clinic said this is normal, but that if it lasts much longer I should get it checked. Just wondering how normal this is, if it is, indeed, normal. (I have a copper, non hormonal IUD, it's called a NOVA T 380.) Also, (Sorry if this is TMI.)...
Quote: Originally Posted by kalisis For me, I just only date women from herre on out. That's the surest form of BC there is. Hee hee! That's great! But I honestly don't think my husband would be too happy if I did that.
I'm curious too. In fact, I was just coming to ask this too. I wouldn't mind using hormone birth control, but I'm still nursing, so it's not really an option. (right?) We're using CTA and condoms, but we both dislike condoms. Maybe I should get a diaphram or cervical cap? hmm... I've never done that before, what are everyone elses experiences with those? What are some other options?
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