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thank you so much, shannon !
Quote: There are books and articles out there that talk about how wide the "normal" range is for learning to read. (...) I've read that children can read much later and still be in the realm of "normal". And boys tend to be later overall though of course everone knows of a boy who read at 3 and a girl who read at 8, so statistics aren't everything hi shannon! could you tell me more about that? i'm looking for info/articles/books, any resources about...
just adding http://www.alicemiller.org http://www.alice-miller.com spread the word! natha
hi everyone! I belong to a French discussion group which first proposed the idea to award the nobel peace price to Alice Miller. If you are familiar with her work and would like to support this initiative, please visit http://www.a-nobel-prize-for-alice-m...?id_article=13 to sign this appeal and pass the word along. thanks. natha
hi fay! i gave her probiotics in powder form: 1 teaspoon/day (+- 10 000 000 000 good bacterias (half the amount in the study i mentionned) mixed in the bottle or the food, or small quantities directy in the mouth... she likes the texture of it when it gets wet as for the borage oil: 1 teaspoon/day in the mouth, we had kind of a ritual or mixed in the food. the first days, she had lots of BM, the gut microflora was clearly changing but then, within a few weeks,...
merci goodpapa! excellent complement to my thread "eczema"
oups... see "related topics/babyswimming"
i looove this website! http://www.nandu.hu/English/Childbirth/chbmain.htm enjoy! natha
hi! (nak) i was lurking and saw threads about eczema, so i thought i should share my story with you ;-) (ok, i'm not a native speaker, be understanding;-) after reading the following paper, i decided to go an alternative path in the treatment of eczema. to make a long story short, i gave my dd (who was 10 month by the time) acidophilus and bifidus, borage oil (you can't find flaxseed oil in france) and plenty of food, rich in vitamin B . within a few weeks it was...
take a look at those too http://maternage.free.fr/grandes/bambin01.html
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