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Three pregnancies now I've gotten hard little bumps under my skin near my eye. They won't go away till after baby's born. And I've had all boys so far. :)
I'd love to join in.  I know with my last baby, I ordered up beads online and had them sent to the distributor. It wouldn't have worked to send a stamped envelope, though that sounds ideal. I just have nowhere nearby that carries crafty stuff, so it's simpler to order online for me.  
I may request. My initials are JT. I don't like that this forum is so public, and everything I post can be found in the old forums and all my pictures are out there. I don't post pictures here anymore. I feel a bit safer with a private FB page. :)
Wonderful news for you! 
We don't find out, but I tell people we are "expecting" another boy. ;)
I check in every week or two, but haven't gotten too chatty.
Yes! Very tired often. Seeing this thread reminds me that I should go buy some Chia seeds to add to smoothies. They are really supposed to help with energy. I am sure a lot of it has to do with this long, cold, snowy winter. And of course, weaning the 13 month old boy.
Also, one hint my MW told me was that if you end up with a footling or even a frank breech, it's good to be in water so the baby doesn't try to take a breath when the cool air hits part of its body. Otherwise you can deal with fluid in the lungs. If they are under warm water, they won't try to breathe yet.
Read as many books as you possibly can, especially ones with birth stories. It really helps to see what's "normal" and not what most people would call "complications", and to see how the midwives handled things. Have your birth kit ready, and whatever herbal blends you feel good about for bleeding afterwards. I would make sure to have a bottle of chlorophyll on hand and to drink a couple Tbls in water as soon after birth as you can. Even if you didn't bleed much, it makes...
My five boys so far have all been big beach ball shaped bumps. My neighbor had three beach ball boys then a girl that was spread out, then another beach ball boy. I think there's something to it, but I'm not far enough along yet to tell for me.
New Posts  All Forums: