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I have identical boys and though I can tell them apart easily, one way it's obvious that they are identical is to pick out individual features and compare them... For example: exact same nose, exact same eyes, exact same mouth, they are obviously from the same genes, just slight differences because of the different positions in the womb. Your girls look identical to me. Cuties too!!!
I have 5 month old twin piggies. Unfortunately, I have to supplement a little with formula, but I have monitored my milk production closely. I always eat and drink enough, but getting enough sleep is a huge factor for me. I can drink all the fenugreek in the healthfood store, but if I am overly sleep deprived (of course we are all moderately sleep deprived) my supply drops. I've just started one other trick... if you have the time, after I pump (and am unhappy with...
Thanks for all the support and ideas. I'm glad to hear the 50% breastmilk is a good thing, they are definitely getting more than half their intake as breastmilk. We just started rice cereal, I'm hoping that solids will help us eliminate formula.
I have identical 5 month old boys. All-in-all, I count myself very fortunate of our situation. They nurse and take bottles (well one is on a nursing strike -teething, but I'm dealing with that the best I can). From the start, in an attempt to be "SUPER MOMMY" I didn't get enough sleep after they were born and my milk didn't come in until day 9. Thank goodness for donor milk and my wonderful lactating sister, we didn't have to give them formula until they were a month...
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