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I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!
I like Mothering on Facebook!
We have the Jalu Toys Nativity set and it's gorgeous! Love, love, love it.
I have a Nikon D90 - But how did I NOT know about Picnik? I've been using Gimp - but this is way, way easier!!! You mamas rock!
Hugs mama. I feel the same way. You probably can tell we're only loosely Waldorf at home - and some things I'm choosing to just let go. My MIL works for JC Penny's and snags clothes for pennies on the dollar. Many of them have characters, loud graphics, etc. I let H wear them at home. And sometimes out if we're going to be doing lots of playing outside. I don't prefer them, but her involvement in my sons life is so limited - that I've decided to give...
DH and I decided to put our house on the market this upcoming spring (2011), and are making plans to buy a boat. So many things to consider. Going from 2000 square feet, selling all our things, finding a marina that allows a small dog (do they exist?) Anyhow...just jumping in....will be checking back later.
How about something simple from Etsy?
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 4-5 year olds are learning the power of words. So, you hear a lot of this from them as they try to figure out what impact words and phrases have on people. At our house, we do two things: When the words are rude, we say "that was rude. Try again more politely." (Which I have apparently said so often that I used it with a graduate student of mine in class the other day!) At 4, sometimes they couldn't rephrase politely,...
Gosh..I was just coming to ask the same thing. I don't know where he picked up stupid from - but he uses it all the time. He also uses another word and I know EXACTLY where he learned it. I've since been more aware of what I say when frustrated, but I have NO idea how to stop him from saying it.
Quote: Originally Posted by hollytheteacher See and I kind of thought it was un characteristic of Hurley to "protect" the island...like i couldn't imgaine him WANTING to. Besides wtih no MIB anymore what the hell was there to protect it from? And what was even the point of "protecting" it. Since not all the island qustions got answered it makes me feel like the overall theme is that the island is unimportant and if these people had crashed in some...
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