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We use Singapore math
Ds has been helping in the kitchen forever, but started cooking whole meals around 4.  He mostly makes stir fry - I make the rice for him in advance, he chops the veg, stir fries it, adds the rice in, adds sauce, etc.   He can do it all himself, he only needs help with the rice because he can't work the timer/figure out exactly when its done.  
We do one snack a day - breakfast (8-9ish), lunch (12-1ish) afternoon snack(4ish), then dinner (dinner is usually 7:30)   NO snacks in-between.   The afternoon snack is usually something light such as fruit.      He eats at meals no problem, but isn't "starving" at any point during the day.  Sometimes he is hungry, and I just tell him when his next eating time will be.       The few times he doesnt eat, when the meal is over, food goes away, and thats it. ...
  I grew up in Hong Kong and I've taught ds a lot of this - many of my close friends who are totally unrelated are called "auntie" and "uncle" by him.   We call the 2yr old I nanny for "mei mei" sometimes too!   I also still call my friends parents from HK "Mrs. and Mr. lastname, and they do the same with my parents, even though we have known each other's families sense we were in middle school.  
Here kids call adults Miss firstname and Mr. firstname, for their friends parents, random adults, and teachers every place except actual schools (i.e. they do this for classes at the rec center, homeschool classes, etc, but in school their teacher would be Mrs. lastname)   Ds uses "sir" and "ma'am" for older adults, if they talk to him in a "serious" way.  He doesn't do it for everyone, and somehow seems to know who to use it with and who not to, people he usues it...
I'm having a hard time with ds, getting him to do any schoolwork.    I feel like I've tried everything and I'm so frustrated!    When he actually concentrates, he does excellent work, understands things very quickly, and  his handwriting is better than mine!   He takes literally hours to do a few pages of work.  When he actually concentrates without fooling around, he can do the exact same work in 10min.     Every day its a battle, and I feel like I've tried...
Ds is 5. Lately he has been doing the opposite of what he is told, 2 seconds after he is told to do or not to do something. "Please put the chair down." (He was holding it over his head) He puts it down "Thank you, I was worried that thechair legs would bump the window " He picks it back up and does it again! Or "Chairs are for sitting in " He immediately stands back up. Or "Please pick up your car so grandma doesn't trip on it " He instead shoves it across the room to...
Breastmilk Garlic oil (I make it, cook garlic in oil, coconut or olive for a long time, strain, put in ear) chiropractor and allergies cause a lot of ear issues, I had them one after the other along with a rash thing, finally found out I was allergic to milk and both stopped!
The paint peels super easy, other than that they aren't too bad.  
My Levi is near the end!   
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