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Ds and I share a room, he has a toddler bed and I have a twin bed.   He goes to bed at around 9 and I go to bed much later, he usually falls asleep in my bed, I put him in his, and he ends up back in mine.      Anyway, when I put him to bed, we do our little night routine thing, ending with me turning on a book on tape for him to listen to and the fish tank light, and I say goodnight.  He typically doesn't fall asleep for an hour, which is fine.   He used to just...
How many people per year die from spending one night out front of an airport, vs in car accidents per year?        I probably wouldn't actually sleep anyways, just sit around until something within walking distance opened.     When I travel though, I don't check baggage or the carseat, so when I arrive, I have everything I need right there, all as carry-on's.  So this situation would never come up for me personally anyway.   Its very dangerous to check carseats as baggage...
We fly all the time mostly on United, and get asked for ID for ds about 50% of the time.   If you don't have ID, when they ask, you don't get on the plane.  So for sure make sure you have it in case they ask.    Its not just to varify age for under 2's, its also to varify that you are allowed to take that child out of state or whatever, if you have their ID, you are much more likely to have permission to take them on a trip.        You can use a birth...
I'd sleep outside the airport before I'd transport my child without a carseat.  
I wash mine on the handwash cycle, with just tiny bit of natural laundry soap.  Cold water.    Don't put it in the dryer though! 
  There is no evidence that a 5pt harness is safer than a booster for a child who fits properly in a booster, meets all of the booster size requirments, and can sit properly for each and every ride.   A 2,3,4 yr old in a booster that is the same size?  Yeah a harness is safer, but thats because of maturity.   A 6-7yr old that meets all of the requirments and sits properly?  Totally safe in a booster.      
Most 7yr olds are fine in a booster.     Here are the guidelines to decide if kids are ready to sit in a booster seat instead of a 5pt harness:   http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=38893     Feet touching the floor is for the "5 step test" (sitting in the seatbelt with no carseat/booster), and is not needed for a booster.
My ds did the same thing, has always been good at stating his emotion, even in the middle of a tantrum!  (he could tell me if he was freaking out because he was mad, sad, frustrated, disapointed, or overwhelmed)     But I also "named emotions" for him before he could do it himself, before he could talk (he was speaking full scentinces by 18months so before that), so I'd guess that has something to do with it.  
I put my ds WAY ahead of my husband.  A spouse can take care of themselves, a child cannot.     I'm a single parent, and I should have probably left my husband years before I did.  It took having a kid to realize where my priority should be.  I put my son first, got divorced and our lives are much better for it.   
Thanks - we have a balance bike!  He got it when he was 2, and rides it every day.  He's now at the point where he can balance super well on it, I have no worries that he will quickly pick up a 2 wheeler, he just needs to learn how to pedal.     So I'm really looking for a "real" bike now.  
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