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Sorry for rambling on btw!
I believe that nutrition response testing is similar or the same as muscle testing. We were told that dispite that his blood tests came back negative, that doesnt mean he doesnt have those allergies, I cant remember the full explination, but it was something about a false negative because of the timing of the testing. Im not sure if it was IgE, they just said it was a basic 'allergy screen' blood test. They did not test for strawberrys, citrus, oats or non-food...
I just found this section of the forums! My son Levi (28months) started getting rashes at 15months, when we moved in with my grandma - he was EBF until 12months (and is still nursing), but he ate a lot more solids at the same time he started getting rashy. He gets red/bumpy/dry eczema sorta stuff on his cheeks, upper arms, and torso. I know for sure he reacts to strawberrys (major poop issue an hour after having them), and suspected milk issues, b/c I had them...
Ds will be rearfacing until he is 45lbs, regrardless of age UNLESS they come out with an even heigher weight seat while he is still rearfacing. He is 22-23lbs now, and 28months, so he is tiny. His seat now (truefit) goes to 35lbs, but I want the new radian! I'm saving for it, we have a little time given the rate my kid grows. In general though, I'd say after 3-4yrs old
DS went to ballet type musicals last year (17months), and the year before (5months), and we are going to a show this december. He sits on my lap b/c 2 yr olds dont need a ticket, and he loved it every time and did great. At intermission he got snacks/water which kept him happy throught the second half
Ds (2) gave up naps just before his 1st bday, and before that he was on 1 nap a day from around 5months. He goes to bed anywhere from 11-12:30ish (when I go to bed), and sleeps until 9, sometimes a little later. Once in a while on a long car ride he passes out in the car, but other than that he is not a sleeper. I just let him sleep when he needs to and I dont 'make' him sleep. He sleeps until about 5 am, wakes up and asks to go potty and then falls asleep...
I dont generally allow food in the car, because its messy. He is rearfacing so I cant see him, but Im not really worried about choking, just the mess!
FF MA/ FF Radian/ RF SR with base Also the Baby Trend Flex Loc and Chicco Keyfit are the narrowest infant buckets available
Anyone know of any pox parties anywhere from beachside (I am in Indialantic/melbourne) to Orlando or somewhere around those areas? I keep seeing chicken pox posts so was wondering if its going around, I want my ds to get it! Please pm me if you know of one!
Ds has allergies, so he cant have a lot of the candy anyways. We are going to have TONES, (we already do from other halloween events), and we will pick out a handful of the ones he can have (and the ones I like!), and then the reast go to the dentist office. The dentist pays $1/lb for candy turned in, and then they mail it all to the troops overseas. Then ds will get to go to barnes and noble and pick whatever he wants. The candy we save he will get maybe 1...
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