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You can come TOT at my house! Ds hasnt had it yet and I want him too! I would go, but I would let her know before hand that is she is going to cough/sneeze or whatever to not do it on anyone. Here people put the candy in your bag for you, so no one is dipping into the big bowl, but maybe for houses where they have you do that, mom could grab the candy instead.
For the potty thing - look up elimination communication, you might have more luck with that technique. You dont HAVE to wait until they know how to talk/sign, or know when they are going. Ds was out of diapers at 12months and at 2, he just tells me when he has to go (he is too small to go on his own!)
ds gave up his naps around 14months. He will fall asleep in the car, and once in a while if he has had a really busy day he will fall asleep around 4-5, but I usually wake him after 20min or so otherwise he wont go to bed later! He sleeps 12 hours at night.
We use floride toothpaste and mouthwash. My dentist recomended it (we dont have floride in our water). Ds has known how to spit w/tooth brushing sense he was under a year old when he first got teeth and we started brushing the ones he had. Its not hard to teach a little one to spit, they do it anyway blowing rasberrys or whatever.
[QUOTE=fritz;14579495]Another anti-nausea aid was breastfeeding. While DH was driving, I'd sit in back w/ DS. I noticed when he was nursing, it seemed to calm his stomach. Of course, not everybody can manage to breastfeed while strapped in, but that's how we managed a 9 hour drive when he was 21 mos old--and DS didn't throw up once (we were beyond amazed). QUOTE] This is very dangerous. If you are leaning over the baby, then YOU are not strapped in correctly...
The very hungry catepillar And Corn on the Cob Both handmade by me - the catipillar has the face on the red hat. front , the corn one has each curnel padded, and the outer park is 'peelable' so he doesnt have to wear the green part. I made the shoes too - yellow ones for the catipillar and green patchwork for the corn. I made the corn first, that was his choice, but it is SOOO hot (we live in florida!), so I made the second one for day time events. He has been...
We are giving out bubbles. I love non-candy treats!
Good choice - we love ours!
Quote: Originally Posted by chickabiddy Check your vehicle and booster manuals. Some specifically disallow it. If it is not disallowed, it is a parental choice. My personal opinion is that if a child *needs* to have the belt locked to maintain position, he is not ready to use a booster, age/size notwithstanding (that may not apply to your child, it was a general statement). This. You arent supposed to lock it in most cases.
dont turn her forward facing for puking once! My sister used to puke ALL THE TIME after swimming lessons, it might have just been from that, or the combo of swimming, getting tired and then going down a windy road. If this is the first time its happend, I would think it might be swimming related more so than the car ride. Next time I wouldnt feed her so soon after swimming!
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