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Ds is 27months and still only wears the shoes I make, with the exception of very soft water shoes when its really wet out. I plan on keeping him in them as long as possible - even I wear vibram 5 fingers w/very flexible soles
If I die, ds will go to my parents (who are 53/55), there isnt really anywhere else he could go b/c Im a single mom and the only other 'normal' person who could handle a child would be my sister, but she is only 20 and in college, so she wouldnt really be able to take him until she finished with that and more established. All of my savings go to my ds, they are currently in my mom's bank account anyway b/c of insane dh (we have been seperated for a year, I havent...
We NEVER open gifts at the party (well no one I knew did growing up, and we are continuing this with ds) We have been to sevral parties latley and some do, some dont - its easier when they skip it! There is too much going on at the party already. Esp with younger kids, it prevents confusion as to why one person gets presesnts and no one else does. No one feels bad if they didnt bring a gift/only brought something small and someone else brought something huge. No...
If you have small kids, you go just before dark and head home as it gets dark. Older kids, you go out as it gets dark. So little kids go around 5:30-6, bigger kids around 6:30-7, and stay out until around 8ish.
Quote: Originally Posted by griffin2004 every time I get in the car I balance whether I want to go beltless vs. getting decapitated in a wreck Remember though, if you go beltless, you are a projectile and could land on your kids! The lap belt being correctly positioned is more important than the shoulder belt being in the right place, you arent likley to be decapitated even if it is rubbing your neck.
My grandma, who is under 5' has the 'seatbelt on the neck' issue - she puts a clothes peg on the top of it to hold it in the right spot.
Nope - rearfacing is safer, so ds will ride rearfacing in ANY car he is in. period.
We donate a lot of stuff to a HUGE church thrift store by us, and they usually only have a couple carseats at a time, but they were always expired - I would bring them up font and explain why they werent safe, the lady working went and got the person who is 'in charge' and had me explain it to her. I went and printed out the used carseat checklist and gave it to her and now they use it with every carseat that comes in. Ever sense then I still check their carseats...
The pre-existing condition is that she is small? Thats dumb. My ds is tiny, but I'M tiny too (98lbs last time I checked!). Ds didnt hit 20lbs until a few weeks after he turned 2, he is 27months old now and JUST hit 22lbs. Other than being small he is VERY healthy (as in he has never even had a cold), and is smart, eats just fine etc. Some kids are just small! That is just so stupid. Maybe dress her in heavy clothes and put some weights in her pockets
Kids under 40+ lbs can 'submarine' under the seatbelt in a booster. Also there are only a few boosters with a 30lbs min. limit, many have a 40lb min. And I agree it would be a pain to buckle in a booster with 3 across! I'd keep her in a 5pt. Mama2Xander - some states have a weight limit, some have a weight or age limit (whichever comes first) so it would depend on the state.
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