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My 27month old will read books or listen to books all day if you let him! He also likes drawing, painting, puzzles, sometimes homade playdough (but only if he gets to help make it), he likes to help us cook and go for walks or the playground. Sometimes he rides his bike and he can swim very well on his own. He doesnt really play with toys - the only one he plays with often is a little back and forth wood car ramp thing. Once in a while he will play with the train...
So far, Levi has been corn on the cob and the very hungry catipilar this year. I made both with no pattern and it took me forever! He is supposed to wear costumes tones of times, so I still might make him another one! I get a little carried away. The very hungry one won 1st place in a contest yesterday.
I couldnt vote - ds was 100% poop trained at 8months and mostly dry at 12months, very few accidents by 15months and in underware full time around 16months. He is 27months now and hardly ever has an accident and when he does usually its just a tiny leak as he is yelling ' I have to go pee pee!' He has always been dry through the night, even when he was tiny tiny.
I would have quickly memorized the licence plate # and called the cops - Ive done it before, I know it sounds mean but better than a dead baby.
The most important thing is to make sure you cut the fabric as neatly as you can - that way it comes out even when you are done. I use a rotary cutter. I usually make my own b/c I always forget to buy it and the fabric store is kinda far away! I need to get one that makes wider bias tape though, its easier to sew - I end up just making that without using a tool and it comes out pretty well.
Here is what we do - Sometime in the week before xmas - -make tones of differnt kinds of cookie, some that we've made every year sense I was a kid, and we always try at least one new recipie (we end up making 10+ batches, whatever we dont eat we pass out to neighbors!) -make a gingerbread house, sometimes a kit but usally a real one! - put together christmas shoe boxes, churches usually hand these out to fill with small presents and used items for kids in need. We...
The dentist here pays $1/lb of candy turned in - and they send it all to the troops overseas. We are going to save a few peices to eat (Levi has allergies so it will only be a few), and turn in the rest! With whatever $ Levi gets I'll let him choose something he wants (knowing him it will be a book!)
DS has always had a big head - including before he was born. The rest of him is really small, he is only 22lbs now at 27months. He is very smart though.
Ds (26.5 months) learned 'left' and 'right'. I dont think I learned that until I was like 10! He also uses yesterday, today, tomorow a lot more. He is also using 'maybe' and 'sometimes'. I set up a montessori style 'school shelf' in his room - I printed out some pre-school activites for him (which he loves, but gets bored quickly b/c they are easy for him), and put out some sorting activites and a chalk board. He is trying to write his letters but isnt...
I was afraid of shoes at that age - and actually now I only wear flip flops when I have to and no shoes the rest of the time. I do have sensory issues though (part of my aspergers). What about something that doesnt look like shoes? boots or something,? My friends baby who is 15months will only wear slippers that look like bunnys - she just started walking and its better then nothing out in icky places, she just goes barefoot anywhere clean.
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