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I dyed some rice and let it dry - Levi spends hours playing with it with various containers/funnels/mesuring cups etc. I just put it in a baking tray and have him play at his table over the carpet (b/c its easy to vaccum off the carpet, if you vaccum it on the hard floor it just flies all over!)
DS could do it properly (on his own too!) around 14-15months, right when we moved in with grandma who blows her nose a lot. He is so funny, he uses both hands with the tissue, stands there with his knees together, and blows bending his knees. Sometimes he adds sound effects to make it louder! He's never been sick so Im not sure how well he could do it with actual snot though but he is blowing a lot of air out!
Oh and ds does say booty as in 'shake your booty', and then does a little dance - he loves to dance!
We say butt or po po (I dunno where that came from but when my sis and I were little it was always po po) Ds was called 'monkey butt' when he was a newborn b/c he had a hairy butt!
Sounds a lot like my ex's little brother, he had ALL of the same things you discribed (and he was 12), as well as a really hard time with school. We did call CPS and my then husband and I got temporary custody of the kids (12yr old and 8yr old girl), and we were only 19 at the time! They told us the meth use alone was enough to take the kids from their parents b/c they couldnt take care of the kids properly (their house a mess, moved all the time b/c they couldnt...
Grandparents got Levi a zoo pass, swimming lessons, and gymnastics classes - all of those he loves way more than any toys! My grandma also gets him savings bonds, which he can access when he turns 18 or starts college, whichever comes first.
I've been on over 200 flights in my life (and Im 23), and my dad flies 4-10 times a MONTH. Between us, there has NEVER been turbulance that I'd worry about a under-2 lap child getting hurt (its not hard to hold onto a baby in turbulance as long as you are awake!). Ds has always been a lap child on planes, we put his bucket seat in the overhead bin (snugrides fit!). BUT for a child over 2 yrs old, that you have to buy a seat for anyways, I dont see why you wouldnt...
Quote: Originally Posted by yarngoddess For my first 3 babies it was checked and looked over- but no one really looked at the base in the car to see if it was right. Then with my 4th my HUBBY put the seat in (roll eyes here lol) and the base was buckled, but no clip or mighty tight on it or anything! AND- this kills me- the nurse said Oh, that's ok it will be fine. I heard what was going on and got out of my car, back into my wheel chair (i wasn't...
Please dont rent a carseat - they are scary! Besides, on the plane your little one should be riding in their carseat anyway, its much safer. If they are going to be a 'lap child' then gate check your carseat (do NOT put it in the belly of the plane!), you can get one of those rolling cart things to carry it through the airport. I've traveled with my ds, his carseat, a rolling suitcase (which I did not check in), and a carry on bag - and I did just fine - I put...
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