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 Thanks. I hope so! My cycles average 30-32 days, and my period came on the sixth this month…so I'm thinking we'll know if I'm pregnant by July 6th-ish, if my cycles stay about the same length. We start trying in June :)
Yes, we're Air Force reserves and my hubby has 5 months of special training :( Thanks, it's been a long haul, but sorely needed after 2 babies born in 16 months, the second one just a month after our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was a really intense and tough first two years of marriage! We needed a breather :) I have a sweet church family, and several of them live within 5 minutes, so I anticipate having plenty of help, love, and support! Still not the same as having hubby...
On my period again! Yay! 24 months of TTA done, only three more eggs to dodge before TTC! I'm really getting excited and scored an EUC Moby Wrap for $8 this week! The only big bummer is that my hubby will be gone for the middle five months of pregnancy (he'll be there for the first 2.5 months, then gone until I'm 34 weeks along). :( Better than him missing the birth though. 
I agree, it was an anovulatory cycle and breakthrough bleed. Shouldn't take more than 3-4 months for things to normalize! Hang in there!
After using NFP to postpone conceiving for 2 years, we're gearing up to TTC in June! I'm really excited! My moontime is due in two days, and then we'll only have 4 more cycles of TTA. I want to order a folate supplement sometime this month so I can start it 3 months before we start trying. Goals that I have before June are to complete some specific chunks of school work, move to the next phase in my apprenticeship, get into a better household routine, and spend less time...
I'm doing really well! Had a delayed thermal shift again this month, but other than that it was a pretty normal cycle. I'm on CD3 now and absolutely LOVING my new diva cup! It's my first period since I got it and it's amazing. No blood in or around my vagina when I wipe after using the bathroom, no blood clotting in my hair at my vaginal opening, I only have to change it morning and night (at least every 12 hours)...I don't feel like I'm on my period at all! 
yes, it's great! Basically you can have sex up until 7 days prior to your earliest thermal shift in the past 6 cycles, unless there is fertile mucus. For me, sticky is infertile (my BIP) and creamy is very low fertility, so I mostly just keep an eye out for watery or eggwhite. I'm going to be conservative and start abstaining after CD12, but that's a heck of a lot better than CD6!!! Especially because my menstruation usually lasts for 6-7 days. 
I'm doing great, too! I'm on CD9 and enjoying my first month on the Doering rule, being able to have sex past CD5/6 is so nice since I don't ovulate until between CD20 and CD30! Proud for successfully TTA for 6 full ovulatory cycles :)
Hi BallardBaby! Welcome! I usually check my mucus at my cervix to differentiate between the types of mucus. Your mucus pattern definitely sounds fertile, but it could be eggwhite, watery, or creamy depending. Oftentimes the mucus isn't prolific enough to make it to the toilet paper, but you'll find some at your cervix that you can look at on your finger and differentiate between creamy, watery, and eggwhite :) You are correct about CD1, the first day of actual *flow* is...
hugs and congrats, OwlHowl. I was in total shock too, when I found out I was pregnant with Ds2, conceived when Ds1 was only 7 months old (and EBF, co-sleeping, nursing every two hours at night, etc).
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