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yeah, charting on the Mirena wouldn't give you any clue of how your body will function without the device and hormones. I'd recommend switching to a copper IUD or a barrier method while you start learning your cycles. 
Thanks ladies! AF paid me a visit :) I had a 12 day luteal phase this month. You're right, it probably is just my wacky breastfeeding cycles still! This AF starts my 5th postpartum cycle. Pickle18---omg, that would freak me the heck out! 17 days!!! ha.
11dpo...my normal LP is 10dpo. BFN this morning, but starting to get a smidge worried! Fingers crossed AF shows up tonight or tomorrow!
Amy Lachney---well, it's hard to be positive about that temp shift when you didn't temp the beginning of your cycle. What is your mucus like? If you *did* ovulate, then you're safe. Why don't you just use condoms all the time for the next 3 weeks, so you have DTD with hubby before he leaves, and then once he's gone you can get good at charting your cycles and knowing your fertility signs so that when he gets back you'll be an expert :) Btw, did you have a Paraguard or a...
hi ladies! Thanks for making a "Spring" thread :) I'm 6dpo right now and on my fourth TTA cycle. 
mt_gooseberry, I tink you're silly to be whining about lactational amenorrhea ...unless you want to conceive soon, in which case I understand why you would be itching to get your cycle back.
Do you have a chart linky, lactatinggurl?
CD1, another successful TTA cycle! AF didn't show up until 6:30pm today, I was starting to get nervous and was planning to test tomorrow morning :) Although my cycles have been all sort of wacky due to breastfeeding, the LP has consistently been 10 days since my first pp cycle.
I am 9dpo (I think), I had 6 high temps in a row, then one really low one (below cover line), but it went back up again today. Thoughts? I'm expecting my period Sunday or Monday. Chart linky: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/34927a
Thanks pokey!
New Posts  All Forums: