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I'm CTA. Right now I'm in the TWW because we had an oopsie with our bc method right around the time I ovulated. I'm 9dpo and got a BFN this morning with FMU. I feel fairly confident that if there isn't at least a faint line tomorrow, I'm safe, since my LP is only 12 days. Anyway, I'll be back in a few days to join y'all if I get AF (cross your fingers for me please!). 
If anyone wants to know more about AAMi, I'm open to PM's :) FTR, I really love it, but felt that I didn't know much about it when I enrolled, so I took it on faith from a friend's rec. If you are feeling the same way, I'm more than happy to tell you more about how the program is structured, etc.
I had it on pre-order before it came out and have owned it for 5 years. Great documentary, I recommend it to all my doula clients. I'm excited about MBOBB, I need to order it for my lending library. 
I am officially an AAMI student (2240). I received Phase 1 on Wednesday and have completed 9 of the 15 Phase 1 assignments, yoohoo! I'm so excited and plan on requesting Phase 2 within a couple weeks. I'm on a roll and really motivated (one of my concerns with a distance program was motivation...at least for the moment I don't need to worry about that!). 
Hey everyone, I don't know if there are any students still active here, but I'm about to enroll in AAMI and would love to visit with any and all of you student midwives as I get started on this journey. I used to lurk in the 2008 and 2009 threads, when I was in an apprenticeship. Since then we've moved to Italy, so I need a program I can do long-distance. I am mama to two sweet little boys (both homebirths) and wife to a great guy. I've been a doula for 5 years and am...
22 months total, through pregnancy, and 5 (and counting) of them tandem with Ds#2 :)
I had a dating ultrasound because I had no idea how far along I was (no cycle due to breastfeeding), but I declined the 20 week ultrasound. 
cute bump!!! :)
I had/have a skinny baby, and I LOVE the Thirsties Duo Wraps! I especially love that they have 2 sizes with 3 adjustable options per size, so they are very customizable to your baby but you only have to buy 2 sizes from birth to potty learning :) 
  18 weeks pregnant with baby #2 :)
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