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See, we never experienced a decrease in income due to having to stay home with a baby because I have never worked since we've been married. I can definitely understand how that would be significant if both spouses were working for awhile before having kids. We have a very low take-home income (under 18,000), but because hubby is in the Air Force our rent, utilities, and healthcare are covered. We are really comfortable on one income and have a good amount in savings. I'm...
Dark chocolate (like 80-85%)! That's been pretty much the only "sweet" thing that has appealed to me honestly...I'm really loving the salty food though, so I have been trying to convince my body that sliced potatoes cooked in butter and salted is a suitable substitute for goldfish and chexmix which I am trying to avoid! 
hey ladies! 19 weeks today and finally feeling great :) I had a lingering "first trimester" with the fatigue and constant peeing and nausea. My next appointment is October 18 and my son's first birthday is on the 25th...very exciting! We are just going to do a little backyard barbeque (back-up plan is homemade pizza inside if it's raining) and homemade cake, nothing fancy. I've been feeling the baby move since 16 weeks, so that's very cool (I didn't feel Malachi until...
Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil :)
Last pregnancy this was my schedule: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 :) I believe 12 prenatal visits is typical. 
I typically try to sit in the Tailor or yogi position or on my birth ball as much as possible. Squat lots every day (try to get in 20 per day). I take a prenatal yoga class once a week and try to walk 2 miles at least twice a week. Last week I just started wall push-ups for arm strength, they are really cool! I had never heard of them before. I do 20 triceps wall push-ups and 20 chest wall push-ups, every other day. You have to skip a day for strength training so that...
I'm planning my second homebirth :) I am planning to have just hubby and midwife there for the labor, but a close friend of mine who will be watching my firstborn is a good photographer (amateur, but good!) and I'm hoping to have her arrive with Malachi right when I'm pushing so that I can have pictures of the birth and most importantly of that first hour of the four of us all together. Hoping for a normal straightforward birth like last time.
My pre-pregnancy weight was 126. I lost 4 lbs. during the first trimester and have now gained 2 of them back. So I'm still below pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm glad I'm starting to gain now!
I'm still nursing Ds about 4 times a day, I have white milk that I can hand express a few drops of, but nothing comes out when I pump. I am really hoping colostrum comes soon and boosts my supply, because he is only 11 months and I really want him to nurse through and tandem. I am 17 weeks. 
        My midwives also only deliver until 42 weeks and I had an irrational fear that I would be risked out. So I started gentle labor prep very early. I started RRL tea in my second trimester, ramping up the strength in my third until it was VERY strong by 37-38 weeks. I started primrose oil orally at 37 weeks on a low dose and increased the dose every week. I started taking a homeopathic labor prep (combo of pulsatilla, caullophyllum, and cimicifuga) at 37 weeks. I got...
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