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I like close age gaps because i think its fun for them all to grow up together and go through the same things around the same time. i will be breastfeeding two kids at once when this new babe comes along, and i think it will be an awesome experience. i like the fact that they can all be close. I remember growing up and playing with my sisters (we were all 1-3 years apart) and we had so much fun because we were all interested in the same type of games
no i dont think so at all. When i was a baby i was FAT! like a buddah baby. I had rolls on rolls! WHen i was a child i was a stick and now i am 5'3 110 pounds ..so i am not fat at all.
hmm thats really interesting. You have a lot of patience!
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaOutThere Figure out why he's doing it, then talk about it. Hungry, lonesome, bored, tired, angry, jealous. Emotional education is crucial. He should be familiar with all these words and know what each of these emotions feels like in his body. With the milk thing. I dunno. I let my 2 yo pour her own milk and put her own jam on her bread. And, yeah, sometimes she makes a mess. But by 4 she'll be pretty proficient....
Quote: Originally Posted by nccrunchymama I totally agree! I would certainly remove the temptation and teach moderation, but I think children still need limits and rules. I try to be flexible if it's something minor, but I expect dd to follow certain rules to ensure her safety and health and our peace. I try to follow the same rules that I expect of her. If I break a rule, I fess up and take my consequences just as I expect of her. Rules and obedience CAN...
Target has some pretty cute clothes for kids IMO. My SDD Shops mostly at American Eagle, and they also have cute clothes.
there are a lot of nice undershirts at places like American eagle and Hollister that are not too low cut and are well made.
yeah you can. They have nice clothes there, they don't look tacky or young.
dh and i always wanted 2 when we got married. Well, after we had two we decided 3 was a good number. Now I am having number 3 in May and we are already talking about number 4. So we will see how many we end up with!!
thanks, unschool! She is a heartbreaker already
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