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I feel so happy to know that our story brought others joy and happiness. I was SO inspired by other women's birth stories! It truly influenced my attitude about birth and ultimately, the outcome. I would be honored to know it helped anyone through their own birth in some small way. Blessings and love to all!
Fillyjonk, I just wanted to say thank you for your comment. It really helped me think through and understand some things I had been trying to work out for a long time.
Thank you! It was a truly awesome experience!
At almost 1:00 am on May 20, 2012, I woke from a dream about surfing waves  because of a pop in my belly. Dazed and slow to wake up, I realized what was happening when I felt a gush starting. I got out of the bed to walk to the toilet, and left Felix and Matt sleeping in our bed. I left the bathroom after sitting on the toilet a bit,  leaving the light on to change my underwear and nightgown. Matt wakes up and starts signing the baby sign for "light" frantically. The...
I've started a support group for attachment parents in Tyler, Texas and the surrounding area on Big Tent. Please join us! Get support and connect with like minded families.   Go to www.bigtent.com and search for Attachment Parents of Tyler.   Hope to see you soon!
I didn't get it. I couldn't message you either...I'll try again!  
Hi! Private message me and let's talk! I'm looking for some of the same things you are too!
I lived in Tyler over a decade ago and will be moving back there at the end of this month. I would love to get connected in the crunchy, natural and AP world there. (There IS one right!?) I am also looking for any co-ops that might be around, especially food co-ops and Frontier.   I have a four year old boy and due with a surprise any time!
Hey there,   I don't know of any Ob's like you are looking for, but I just wanted to say "Hi!"  I am also from Tyler and moving back there this month. I'm hoping to meet some like minded mamas. :) Feel free to PM me if you want to get in touch.   I'm due with number 2 at any moment and using Edenway in Marshall.
Oh and I know exactly how you feel. I was craving a white bread sandwich with process cheese, iceberg lettuce and doritios....oh and lots of mayo just yesterday.
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