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I desperately need an alternative to typically schooling for my sons (ages 4 and 2). Does anyone have suggestions or advice. Really wanting play-based but any alternative is better than sitting at a desk for hours! Help!
Can you put it in your bedroom? (Although most marriage counselors and sleep counselors would wince at this suggestion.) If you and your husband are only viewing it after the kids are asleep you don't need it in the living room. Or you can put it on a stand against the wall where the beige couch is, put the couch perpendicular to the fire place. Awkward viewing for both fireplace and tv. That's what we do - which isn't so bad - no one wants to watch tv too long if...
  a. Who you are: I'm Jen a 40 year old SAHM to two boys aged 4 and 2. Married to my highschool sweetheart. b. Where you are going: We have mounds of debt. And do not have a budget! Can anyone recommend a budget website / program to help with creating a family budget? Also, hoping to buy a fixer upper but keep our current house as a rental property. So, need $ for fixer upper (down payment etc)   c. How you plan to get there: Create a budget and STICK to it. No...
Old Navy...that's where I bought the kid's winter clothes (I'm in florida!).
Old Navy...that's where I bought the kid's winter clothes (I'm in florida!).
My 4 yo DS is totally not interested in wiping. He goes to preK a few hours in the morning and has never had to make a BM at school. I think he would hold it if he had to  The do not assist at his school either. I better get "cracking" on this one!
Great advice. I love the "safe body" idea and the Art of Roughhousing link. I have a little bit of a different situation. My ds is 4 and is rough and tumble at home with me, DH and DS2  but in school he "does not stand up for himself" (teacher's words) and is very intimidated. Is this normal? I was really concerned and called the pediatrician because I'm afraid of low self-esteem.  Does anyone have any advice / experiences like this?  
I have no advice but I can commiserate! My DS turned 4 in August and has recently started acting very angry at home. Hitting, spitting, "i hate you...you are stupid", etc. He has always been a bit anxious (I am too) but he just seems so negative for a four year old. I have a difficult time taking him to the playground because I'm afraid what might happen. However, his teacher (he is in PreK for three hours a day five days a week) says he is very shy and quiet, doesn't...
I love npr and would listen to it all the time but with at two very active and loud boys I can hardly hear the radio (at home or in the car). I'm jealous of everyone out there who has the choice to listen or not to listen.  FWIW, 41, toyota minivan
Quote: Originally Posted by JonahRoo Oh yes yes yes I totally relate! So while you are not who you were and you are still working on who you are becoming, you can still bring pieces of you with you and use them to help create the new you. Great advice! Thanks!
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