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I'm in the same place. My son turned three august 12. He will only poop in a diaper squatting while playing at his castle. When we go out of town I have to bring the castle with us (enabler?!). I've tried the bribery thing but it does not work. Instead he just peeps in the potty and asks what he gets for peepeeing in the potty. I'm just playing the waiting game. IF you find something that works let me know! Good luck with the poopy learning!
almadianna - thanks for finding a proper home for this thread!
I'm so fortunate that I have a supporting husband but he works a lot (home late and travels) so I feel guilty when he has to pick up the slack (which is more often than not). I was diagnosed by a pdoc and am doing weekly therapy with a counselor. But I can see myself letting the therapy slip if I do not start meds. The pdoc wants to prescribe lamictal however he does not want me to take while bfing and I just can't give it up bfing right now - son is only 15 months and he...
Prayers your way from me too. I know it can be hard but try to be honest to therapist. May you feel a little better each and every day. I totally know what you mean about surviving and not living. But it will get better!
thanks lotusdebi and mae. I'll def try the fish oil and hylands calm forte. I really appreciate the response from you all!
I was just recently diagnosed as bipolar. I just want to let you know that you are not alone! I feel exactly like you especially the "poor family" feeling and the cost of the disease! I don't have any advice but I certainly will let you know how my course of "help" goes. No meds yet for me, just therapy. I'll share what I learn. Good luck! And know you are not alone!
Hey MaerynPearl! I really appreciate the insight and suggestions. I totally think the exercise / outside advice is great, I do notice a big difference if I get out. I do need to get in tune with my warning signs and get dh on board. Can you recommend any good books on the subject? Also, thank you to you and your family for the service you dh is providing to all of us!
I was recently diagnosed as bipolar. I would love to hear how others deal with this and parenting. Meds vs no meds? Meds vs bfing? I have a two ds 1 yo and 3 yo. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to make it through the day with some sort of breakdown. (probably pretty normal for all moms bipolar or not )
My husband sometimes uses my old milk in his coffee!
Trying to eliminate plastics too. Anyone know alternate storage for breastmilk? Are the plastic storage bags safe?
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