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I've completed the steps!
My two week old wakes me with a weird grunt sound if i need to burp him.
I'm now a fan of Bella Luna toys too!
I liked you on facebook!!
Thanks!! I've been looking for a deal on one of these!!
Quote: Originally Posted by dakotablue Hey so I'm half way there! I have a few questions about tandem nursing especially because DS doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I figure you ladies are the best people to ask! Do you nurse Both at the same time? Everytime? I did nurse both at the same time, almost everytime. Will your toddler start nursing for longer? I didn't notice longer time, but more often- she wanted to nurse everytime the baby...
Hi. I am looking for a pattern for a diaper cover, preferably that is side snapping to make it a little trimmer. I would like to use wool from felted sweaters. I have a sewing machine & serger & I know basic sewing, but I have no experience with diapers. TIA!!
This morning I got an email saying I had a private message, it looked real, but the private message looked like spam. I logged in so I could see who it was from & its no longer there. Is it because you delete private messages that are spam or was the email spam? TIA!
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