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I just wanted to say that my babies have ranged between 6lb 13oz (my first 3 weeks early) and 9lbs 7oz and I was able to deliver each one of them with no pain meds and fairly easily. I was induced with 2 of them because of size and everything turned out fine. However - my dh and I had to really advocate for ourselves to achieve the birth we wanted because the medical profession gets freaked out about "big" babies. Staying active in labor and using gravity as your best...
I was 37 weeks with my first, 39 weeks with #2 & #3, both induced. 37 weeks with #4, induced, and 3 days early with #5. I have no idea what to expect this time, except I refuse to be induced! I don't actually feel I will make it to the end, but I would like to hold out until Feb because I already have a Jan baby. I keep teasing dh telling him not to make plans for the super bowl!
So many congrats! You are amazing to accomplish what you did!
Thanks upnorthmama, you made my day
Here are a few of my 35 week belly. Yes I am big, yes I am sure there is only one. Not that any of you wonderful ladies would say anything, it's just the rest of the world that feels the need...
Our first baby of the ddc! Congrats! I hope his stay in the nicu is short and he is home in your arms soon!
I am 34w & 5d today and this week is the first week I have been using the baby's name. I think having 2 prior losses and complicated pregnancies it was harder for me to not necessarily bond, but think of the baby as real or guaranteed. I had to get to a certain gestational point to feel comfortable and excited. Knowing the sex made no real difference for me, I have known and not know.
39 lbs @ 34 weeks
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