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I had my GTT today. I assume I will pass as I have never had a problem before. Dh went with me in the hopes of touring our new hospital, but they said they were full & couldn't show us around. I was bummed. But at least we got to go to lunch together. I should find out the results on Monday at my next appointment.   I don't like the new format either. What happened to our signatures?   How do you know if you are anemic? I mean besides blood work? I'm not sure if...
I'm 26w (yesterday) and I have been getting bh for weeks now. I think it's completely normal. I wouldn't worry unless they become regular or are painful. Geez, isn't this what our bodies are supposed to be doing now anyway? Oh, I also get them when I know I haven't had enough water. We are still having sex
Uggg, I have 1 girl and 4 boys. I have been battling this battle for years. I wanted to add more children to my family not a specific gender. I have never been disappointed and I firmly believe you get what you are meant to have. There was such a hard core demand for this baby to be a girl. I almost didn't find out the sex because I felt like our families would love a little boy less than a girl. It drives me crazy. It turns out everyone got lucky and she is in fact all...
Quote: Originally Posted by milletpuff Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm pretty sure my acupuncturist wants me on no decaf either, I will ask her why. But I am feeling better about a possible occasional cup. It was my acupuncturist who told me about swiss water processed decaf, otherwise she said decaf was worse than full caffeine.
After my third baby who was 9lb 7oz I have had to do the test twice. Once in the first trimester and I need to do it again this week. I have never had to do the 3 hour one at all. I keep trying to tell them I just make big babies! Can you ask to do the regular test first? Chances are you don't have GD, you just make big babies too.
I have been feeling a little off too. The weather is changing and the heat is on which has been drying out my nose and throat. I had a wicked spell of the worst stomach issues on Thursday night - worse than labor! And I have been in crabby overdrive. It feels like everything is just getting on my nerves. And I'm crying at the drop of a hat. Otherwise I'm totally happy and very excited for this baby. I think it's called nearing the "third trimester" (add scary music here)...
I have been drinking swiss water processed decaf when I do have a cup of coffee - I had no ides there was an issue. FYI: I have a Keurig coffee maker and Paul Newman's Special Decaf is swiss water processed.
besides me? I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow. My belly is as big as I think I was full term with my first! I am getting tired. I can do some chores & have to rest, do some more & have to rest. I have been having a cup of caffeinated tea a few days a week just to keep up. Mentally I could go on like the Energizer Bunny, but man my body is not cooperating. It's going to be a long 14 more weeks! Oh and by the end of the day my back is killing me like crazy!!!
DDCC to say Congrats! I am expecting #6 and my children will be 10, 9, 5, 4 & 2 when this baby is born! Having a large family is a blessing! Challenging, but absolutely amazing!
I was just in the same boat. I had a marginal previa at my 18 week u/s. I had to go on pelvic rest, and stop exercising. Every time I did exercise I spotted or bled. In fact I had spotted pretty much from 8 weeks on. I was well behaved and went back at 24 weeks and my placenta had totally moved out of the way. I now have the green light to resume all activity. I however, have not continued to work out. I have a history of complicated pregnancies and my dh, mw, & I have...
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