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I need a broom too! On another post someone suggested one like this one:   http://www.amazon.com/As-Seen-On-2174-12-Sweep/dp/B000H1RMWQ/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_3   http://www.amazon.com/Dutch-Rubber-Broom-52-Handle/dp/B004N0OI4C/ref=sr_1_4?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1339605733&sr=1-4&keywords=dutch+rubber+broom   I'm thinking about getting one.
I think it is fine to call and say you would like to know what type of floor finish they used because some are better for crawling babies. I would! You could also call and say you have a few questions and include the floor finish question as one of them if you want it to be a little more subtle.
we like our austin air and I think the "plus" model would work for you, call them though and ask! Keep your windows open when you can!
we have a complete air that I am annoyed with, my son finds it uncomfortable and has never fallen asleep in it. Our radian is great, wings don't adjust down enough for the youngest kids so it is a better toddler/preschooler carseat, the radian is fine for rearfacing though 4 for my child.
I got the duralex dinner plates and bowls for christmas and I love them! I like that they are not as heavy as stoneware. http://www.duralexusa.com/Lys-Clear-Bowls-cat3.html
I think the new natural plant latex smell goes away pretty quickly, I have also stuffed my glider rocker cushions with mattress toppers, two layers for a total of four inches thick. Even my pregnant sensitive nose didn't notice a smell fairly quickly! I've been really happy with our latex and did talk with the manufacturer, twice, months apart and got consistent responses.    I almost bought a rattan sofa from pottery barn with plans to restuff the cushions until I...
So I'm a little unclear about spinal ossification and I haven't switched to FF yet. Does anyone have any good references on it. When I did a quick google search I learned that it happens between 4 and 6 years of age. Is that accurate? Are there any studies about completed spinal ossification associated with less injury during a crash? Thanks for all of your input!
So when did you all turn your extended rear facing forever cause you got the tallest carseat children around? My preschooler is missing out on seeing what is going on out the window and is asking to turn around. He is still under the height and weight limit and might be until he is 8 I think. Anyone with a small kid who waited until they outgrew all seats? When was it? Is 4.5 or 5years old ok to turn around the seat even if they still fit rearfacing?
Hi, we are in the same boat. I keep looking for a affordable non-toxic couch but have a futon right now. We took an older cotton batting futon that was non-toxic but not comfortable and added two, two-inch natural latex toppers from overstock.com. I am told that toppers don't need to have flame retardants like mattresses and called the manufacturer of overstocks's supply a few times until I was as comfortable as I was going to be about it being 100% natural latex without...
we have the culligan shower filter and turn on the shower instead of the bath faucet to fill the tub.
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