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Wow! Thanks so much you guys! Question on the trivets : if I wanted to put my dd's handprint on them, what kind of paint should I use that will be least affected by water and heat? Or do I need to use some kind of sealant or something? One year I made Body & Soul tea boxes. Put a bunch of baggies of loose teas and herbs for drinking and for the bath along with big and small tea balls. Then I typed up little blurbs about the properties of each and attached...
sorry to bump this up after so long but wanted to add that the hyland's teething tablets contain belladonna - which is a sleep aid (non-narcotic, of course). that's what gives babes the rosey cheeks too. that's all. oh, and my girl loves 'em when she's ouchy. gobble 'em right up!
Everytime I think I must be starving my poor girl or not offering her enough variety I come to these boards and find out you're all doing about the same as me! Such a reassurance! *sigh of relief* and yes, Eliza absolutely hoovers edamame.
You guys rock. Thanks for all the great ideas! I'll let you know what I finally come up with!
Sorry Pallas, I just dig 'em too much to part with! So you think maybe I should hold off until I know for sure what our sleeping arrangements will be? Just to be safe? She's 11 months right now and still likes a boob in her mouth for a good part of the night. Seems to me that she'll just go right into/onto a bed of her own at some point, but i certainly don't know! What's a lovey doll & how does one make one? You think even a left-brained girl like me could...
Ok, I'm not the slightest bit crafty or artistic. Can't even sew on a button. But I have these super cool flannel crib sheets (flat, fitted, and pillow case) that I don't think we're going to have a need for (no crib = no crib sheets, ha!) and I'd like to find something to do with them. Any suggestions? They are patterned, green and cream with little stars and stripes (awful description) and I really love 'em. Thanks!
I second LeafyLady - that's exactly the path we took (Bradley & BFW). I LOVED our Bradley class/method - all the prenatal care and reassurance that this is what our bodies are meant to do was wonderful. The fear of the pain is worse than the pain. Bradley helps to focus inward whereas Lamaze tries to emphasize distraction. Actually, I just got really pissed at each contraction - sort of a "bring it on" attitude that was really empowering. Anyway...the best advice I...
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