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We just found out that we are having a baby boy. Any suggestions for some Italian boy names?
I am looking for a language program for my son (and me) to learn Italian. I came across this program, Muzzy, and was wondering if anyone has used it before: http://www.early-advantage.com/Default.aspx or could recommend another type of program.
I highly recommend this book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. http://www.amazon.com/Disease-Proof-...5413118&sr=1-1
I'd love to see pictures of everyone's Montessori areas and activities. Anyone want to share photos? I need ideas for the future.
I have a couple of Champion sports bras, but the "high beams" are in full effect when it's cold. Any suggestions for sports bras that give some more coverage?
I'll join in! My son is only 18 months old but we are planning on homeschooling during the preschool years, and perhaps kindergarten. I'd love to get get some ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife DH is half Mexican (I'm all white...I'm like a European melting pot) The Mexican side of his family lives fairly close (couple of hours) We want DS to learn some Spanish because it's part of his heritage...but neither of us speaks it. So, we'd have to drive to see his family and have them speak it to him in hopes that he'll pick it up. He just turned 8 months and we aren't sure when "language pickup" really...
Hi Mamas~ I am new to this thread. I have been practicing yoga for several years and have decided to go for my 200 hour yoga teacher training next month at Kripalu. I am so excited to begin this journey! I look forward to joining in on the discussions.
Quote: Originally Posted by marimara I'm been eating raw for my first and second meals of the day and then eating a cooked meal and I've been feeling pretty good. I really want to learn more about RAW eating. In my early research, I'm already confused. Here is my main question about raw foods: High fruit or low fruit? Low fat, high fat, etc? I've read that high fruit is the way to go and then I've read that lower fruit, more veggies is the way to...
I used these 2 while I was pregnant and really enjoyed them. http://www.amazon.com/Prenatal-Yoga-...3512230&sr=8-1 This one requires a chair and a blanket. Shows different variations for each trimester. http://www.ombabyyoga.com/store.html This one does not use any props and is a little more challenging.
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