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Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st did my idea work btw?? And yes Maggie grew out of it around 3 mos corrected too. Actually... just as we were about to leave for the store... HE pooped! and has been pooing great ever since 2-3 a day!
Thank you all so much!!!
That is wonderful!!! Congrats!!
My sons have been on and off of formula while in the NICU due to my lack of supply, and ability to get to the hospital everyday. Connor came home Saturday (Cidney is still in NICU) and he has only have one BM. The Neo said not to worry about it, and that it is just the formula giving him a hard time, if he still hadnt gone tomorrow to buy some OTC infant stimulant. I am a first time mom and all of his little grunts and cries make me think that he is in pain! I...
That is great!! My boys did the same thing! Pulled thier feeding tubes right out!! They know when they dont need things!
My twin boys are coming home in 3 days, and... I am not sure what to do. Is there anything you wish you would have done before your babies came home?? I think I have my bases covered as far as, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen floor, refrigerator, stocking up on paper towels, hand soap, sanitizer, etc. But I feel like I am missing something... like there is something else I should do....
Since my persistant nagging at the nurses and being there 24/7, my boys have come off of their feeding tubes and will be coming home on Monday!! Wish us luck!
They have been waking up for every feeding, but still only getting them every other by bottle. "they get tired" really they just stop and goof around for a bit, and if you are patient enough, they will realize they are still hungry and come back to the bottle. Neo says the boys will probably be 2hr feeders at home. Small amounts more often, but in the NICU they have to be on 3hr schedules. I was there yesturday... and they both took 2 whole feedings in a row, and...
Do you know? or Can you ask if they came out with one or two (or two fused) placentas?? That would tell you as well. We knew from the start our boys were ID because they were sharing a placenta.
Quote: Originally Posted by gemelos It took at least 6 months before we could comfortably tandem at night. Before that we could do it, but it was so much work that it almost wasn't worth it. This is how we did it for awhile: http://www.karengromada.com/karengro...2.5wknurse.JPG Bottom baby with feet pointed towards my head and top baby propped with pillows and pointed towards my feet. Check out the other pictures on Karen Gromada's site and you will...
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