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We tried the Radian in the Sportwagen, and it could be made to fit ok, I suppose, but I wasn't happy with the fit at all. The recline was too much and the Radian would hit the back of the front seat unless I pulled it out of the bite of the seat and made it a touch more upright. But when I made it more upright it had a little bit of play in it. Technically it was less than an inch so I guess it was ok, but I didn't care for it.   I don't have the new foot but I think...
  Aha! This is helpful -- wish that was in my manual. Ok, now I can tighten the straps. :)   As it turns out, it installs ok in hubby's car, so that's where it is now. I'm happy it works in one car at least! And, it was tolerable in my car, but the new Boulevard I just put in installs like it is welded to the frame -- it won't move a micron. Awesome. And the straps don't ratchet. ;)
I agree! I had heard so many good things about it, and it installs awkward, probably over-reclined, and I can't seem to tighten the straps once buckled. I'm pretty disappointed too. I'm hoping it will do better in hubby's car so we can switch seats, but I don't know yet.
My friends mostly know me as having a young daughter, so it's confusing to suddenly talk about older kids. So I usually use "step" when talking about them. I think if we lived closer and they were with me more it might not be that way. When they are here, however, I never say step. The kids hate it and think of themselves as son and daughter so that's what I say. If my friends are confused when meeting them, oh well, as the kids' feelings come first there.
Ok, good to know. I'll check the manual.   Actually, I'm thinking of switching carseats with hubby to see if they fit better the other way. 
I think I misspoke. It over reclines in the sense that it makes it touches the seat in front of it, and is more reclined than I would like, but it's not more than 45 degrees. It would be ok for a younger one, but my baby would like to be more upright.    Thanks for the link -- that seems like what we would need, though it doesn't appear to be released yet.  
I have this problem in my car too. In order to get the "lip" of the base piece wedged in the gap between the top and bottom parts of the seat (to get a tight install), it over reclines. It kind of leans on the driver's seat. Can I wedge something under to tip it back up? Baby is 15 months. What is the adjuster PP mentioned?
You should definitely talk to a lawyer. You don't necessarily need to have big money -- just get an hour consult and discuss what is going on. If you can live without the $83/month, then you can afford an hour of an attorney while still getting the money, right? She or he can let you know your options better than we can.
Thanks! I had been considering a Scenera for travel, but I wanted something more substantial in hubby's car. Maybe it would be smarter to just buy a Scenera for travel and then a nicer seat for our use. It seems so silly for her to have 3 carseats, but perhaps that's the best plan. Thanks again for your advice!
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