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I had the DT vaccine almost a year ago and had a terrible reaction to it. When I told our ped about it (she was pushing vaxes again) she told me that what I had experienced was the expected reaction and was good because it meant that the vax was working: I have never been so sick in my entire life...as soon as she said that I knew for certain that she'd never be giving any of my kids any shots! I'm not sure where they get this info.
I'm allergic to Tylenol and one of the effects it has on me is extreme drowsiness. If I take anything with acetaminophen in it, I become extremely drowsy and will sleep for hours. I wake up with a blinding headache and often vomit as well. I generally won't give my girls Tylenol because I noticed early on that it makes Lauren very sleepy as well.
Tara is napping in a plain white Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with a ubpf...how boring
Absolutely. My mother was a kidney transplant patient. Without that transplant, I would never had the chance to get to know her. Her organ actually came from her sister, but so many people don't have that match. I know it would be hard to do, but it would be impossible for me to say no.
Melinda at www.mamajones.com has the anti-burst balls. She's awesome and I'm sure she'd be able to answer your questions. I'm 5'5'' with shortish legs and I believe I got the bigger of the balls, but I think I would have been just as comfortable on the 55'' ball. I'm a big woman and I tend to squish the ball down when I sit on it so the 65'' works fine for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebeccalizzie and if I have to hear EVOO one more time I'm going to puke. And she always explains what the abbreviation is--if you have to say "EVOO--that's extra virgin olive oil" just skip the abbreviation for heaven's sake! I *just* had this discussion with DH last night when I was making dinner using olive oil. She does it every time!!! I like her and have really learned a lot from her. I grew up with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jadzia So maybe we should start calling people who encourage the use of car seats: car seat nazis. I've heard that term before. Someone who was really a stickler for car seat safety, rear facing until over the weight limit, etc, referred to herself as the car seat nazi.
Born in '78 and fully vaxed as well. I got pertusses as an infant (despite having the vax...of course). I never had chicken pox, so I got the vax when I went to college because it was required and I was a lemming at the time My oldest dd was fully vaxed to age 2, youngest dd has yet to receive a shot. I (being a dimwit) decided to get a tetanus shot about 3 months ago after an injury and had a major reaction. The only good thing about that was that it made DH lay...
My DH is kind of a wuss too. He had it done, spent 2 days on the couch with a bag of frozen peas and the remote, and then was just a slight bit tender for about 4 days after. He said it wasn't bad at all. He had his when Tara was about 6mo if I remember correctly. We knew we were done before she was born, so he just picked a time that wasn't too stressful at work (in case he needed more than 1 day off). He had it done on Friday, did some work from home that day,...
Can you do a religious exemption for just MMR and Varicella based on the fact that they are cultured on aborted fetal tissue? I'm pretty sure those are 2 of the ones that are. I am not big on vaccines, but I refuse to do those for that reason. Good luck! Jamie
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