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I know some adults who went through the public school system that are compeltely and totally antisocial and barely able to function in social situations.
What kind of freelancing are these PP discussing? Without any previous writing experience, it would be hard to make a living. I'm not trying to be mean-- but I was a professional freelancer, with a journalism degree and plenty of experience. The market is cutthroat-- and it would be pretty hard to support oneself doing that.  
To update and answer questions:   I don't think that my daughter does not KNOW the material...I think she's just really, really good at convincing herself she doesn't. Kids had same page today. She got about 2/3 through and started in on her song and dance. I can't DOOOOO this. Its too HARRRRRRRD. HELP ME HELP ME SHOW ME HELP ME. I show her. I explain a different way to do it. It could literally have been 1+1 (Actually, I think it was 9-8) and she would complain how...
I'm trying to read through (while doing about 500 other things) but wanted to answer this before I forget.   We are the most back-to-basics you could get without being unschooly. (Though I like unschooly.) The kids basically have to do math and Explode the Code plus a little bit of a spelling worksheet each day.30--45 minutes tops. We don't really fall into any camps-- we aren't school at home though sometimes we will trail off into unschool for awhile and then go back to...
Hello all. Long story short. Two kids, ages 6 and 8.  We recently stopped Singapore math because honestly, it was going at too fast a pace for us-- the kids were not getting enough time to master a concept before going on.   We're back to working on simple subtraction-- a skill my 8-year-old seemed to forget how to do during Singapore math. Every day, every single worksheet-- I hear how HARD it is. 8-2? Gah! How am I supposed to know? This is so HARRRRRRDDDDD, I...
Learning time management is a huge deal. It will help him in the long run, as well as ownership of the work!  
Follow through, mama. He realized what he did. Let him deal with the consequences.   (For the record, I totally know how hard it is....but sticking with it is hopefully going to help in the long run!)  
  Is THAT why they do speed math? I've heard from it so many times-- especially the *fast* kids who brag on how they could do math problems. I was wondering why...I'd rather my kids have the right answer than be speedy!
Oh, and my daughter is in the 8-9 age range.
I live in the Southwest US. I contacted the local council.   I guess my one concern is how much of a time commitment it would be. Honestly, I would LOVE to have someone else in charge-- I definitely want my daughter to have other adults in her life besides me.   I'm just imagining a huge workbook that I'm trying to follow while trying not to go crazy.   But...if I can do it kind of how I want (to vaguely paraphrase), I think maybe I'll just camp a'la Troop...
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