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I have been living simply (sometimes better than others) for several years now. I have always HATED how much *STUFF* we have...and I know that we actually have a lot LESS than others!   Totally true: A friend came by with her kids to play. She commented how my kids actually have a decent (Read: Not too crazy) amount of toys and that her kids have way too many.   But...at the same time, I just feel so pulled down by all our STUFF. Over the past 2 years, we've gone...
I did this almost 2 years ago this Spring...we had to move out-of-state due to a layoff and a new job elsewhere.   I always say give yourself a year in your new place to feel like it is home. It takes about a year to get *with it* in homeschooling.   I say go for it...but go slow. Making TWO HUGE life-changing things like this at one time is hard...but it is definitely do-able. Just give yourselves time to adjust.  
How many times do I wish I would have stuck with something as a child? Umm....about a BILLION. Unfortunately, nobody was sitting there making me practice my guitar, for example. But I just never did...and eventually, well, I quit. (Actually, the teacher suggested I quit.)   I feel like all I read is either two ends of the spectrum. Let the kid do whatever...and now....make the kid do something. While I'm not one for yelling that my children are "trash," it is nice to...
I think we have the same daughter...except mine is six. Sounds to me like she's manipulating you...which I totally understand, because mine does it too!   In fact...we had a convo a couple weeks ago because my daughter complains about EVERYTHING. And I mean, seriously, we totally do just the very basics right now. I asked what it is that she'd like to do for homeschool...blah blah...and I'm dead serious, this is her answer:   "I think you should just let me do...
The children must each bring money to the kitchen everyday, just like school. They must put it in their pocket and stand in an orderly line.   Mom must wear a hairnet. Must give children option of two different cartons of milk. MUST OFFER MILK IN CARTONS.   Children must then, once lunch is finished, line up at the back door until mom lets them outside for supervised "recess."
Sunglasses in the car....camera in the top drawer of the dresser/armoire that holds the TV. Just got Mp3 players today...and they'll probably either go in a drawer in the kitchen (where we keep keys/wallets) or with the camera.  
Um...yes....this is describing MY 6-year-old girl to a T.   Trying to force a child who REFUSES to read is pretty much useless. I'd go as far to say that pulling teeth from a cat while giving it a nice cold bath would be easier.   I'd give it a bit of time. Perhaps look at a different way-- we actually had very good success with Spell to Read and Write....turns out my daughter is definitely a whole-word child.    
I'm totally going to try this.   I'm going to the store to buy food. Bring it to a friend's house, cook dinner there...leave trash. LOOK MA! No trash family!   PS...the Netflix thing? Totally cheating.
Actually, I did for awhile and it really did work. It was a combo of several different "methods." Unfortunately, what happens for me is that 1 little thing will go wrong (I think my kids were at grandma's for 1.5 weeks) and it gets me out of whack and then, boom, I lose my system.  
It took us banning almost all TV to get that way. No AM TV...nothin till around 3 or 4pm. Otherwise, that's all they would do...my daughter's best friend is The Big Talking Box.
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