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I'd say go with K...we don't really use any of the teachers workbooks. (Sigh. Maybe I should.) I have one with slow fine motor skills, too. You're really going to make sure you sit with him while he does this so that he doesn't get any bad habits (which mine had)...   Good luck!
Don't EVER change your beliefs because it falls in some "ideal." If you don't want your kids to eat that junk, then don't bring it into the house, period.   These people on the Internet are not inside your head. They don't live your life. Long after these messages are gone, you will still be living your life...and if you are not comfortable with something, then to h-e-double hockey sticks with labels.
While he is ahead on reading, he may not be ready for the other subjects. That age can really go either way.   We've had good luck with Handwriting Without Tears. As for math, we've enjoyed Singapore so far.
Check out thrift stores...I've found some great ones over the years out there!
I have two but they are close in age. I know several homeschooling families in this area with a variety of ages (including triplets and then staggered younger ages). What I think would work best is to figure out what each child is able to do on his/her own and what will need assistance. Perhaps two can work on their own while the other gets help. Also...as work load increases with age, one probably can not expect multiple ages to finish at the same time.   I would...
This totally depends on your child.... a lot of people start things such as reading and writing at this age.   But...a lot of kids just aren't ready for either at Kindy age. (My oldest was not, my youngest is.) That being said, we have had great luck with Explode the Code workbooks and Handwriting Without Tears.
If this were my situation, I'd let him have the house before I start down my new life with a foreclosure/short sale/debt on my shoulder.
...on Sex and the City they call it a "goody drawer." Enough said.
I absolutely HATE the idea of registering...but I'd be worried about some of the more negative things that could happen if caught. Just because some people got off lenient does not mean you will. I understand your intentions, but I feel it is a bit of playing with fire (with kids).
Why not just keep the sugar with the bigger container of sugar?? I use agave nectar, and I keep it in the cabinet with the coffee supplies.
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