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Thank you mom2rdata. My intent was never to downgrade anyone for the sacrifices they make in order to homeschool. I'm nervous I came across as unsupportive when the fact is that I value every homeschooling family I know, both as an inspiration and as a resource. That, and I respect the hell out of you. Quote: Originally Posted by wolfmama sorry if i spelled that wrong Ha!
At this point I'm kind of wondering why we are debating (why I am debating) whether or not homeschooling is a privilege? It's obvious that some of us believe yes, and some of us believe no, and some people feel hurt by both opinions. Dar, you risked homelessness to homeschool. Some people risk slightly less, some people risk nothing. This is starting to remind me of the discussions where people claim they would or have live in an abandoned bus in order to be a...
Dar, I think that schooling is definitely a privelege. You have a really valid point there. Access to education, period, is a privelege in any context. I also believe that the choice to school or un/homeschool is an even bigger privelege in our culture, considering that many people do not have that option or do not know they have that option.
I can think of several ways that homeschooling is a privelege and a luxury. Everyone here has access to information (via the internet), and must have been given at least some sort of rudementary education ourselves. There are people (believe it or not) who don't have access to the internet, who don't understand or fear the 'system' that they must navigate in order to homeschool (Anyone here heard of social capital? Habitus?). There are people out there in...
I'm about to start teaching sped in a few weeks. my plan is to teach full time until dd is entering school age, and then go to part time and home school her. If i can't financially afford to go part time, then i'm going to do my best to make it work while working full time. in the meantime, her dad and friends are going to care for her. homeschooling friends of ours will also care for her while i work part time and she is homeschooling. it's good to know other...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies UUMom - no, not me personnally. I am not willing to use human embryos, I think it is ethically wrong. I watched on the monitor. In horror, of course! I'm confused. Everywhere else you were talking about eggs, and then here you said that you're uncomfortable testing with embryos. Were they embryos or eggs? Where did they come from? And what do you think about a mama who is not going to have...
I had my outgoing mail stolen out of my apartment's outgoing mail bin, when I lived north of the U District, but oh well. I figured out I should put everything in a blue box. There's really no reason for you to pay money for something that you don't need or want. No reason at all. There's nothing wrong with saying, "No, I'm not interested," and leave it at that.
With the make of the car, color, AND the first number of the license plate, the cops should be able to find the butthead. I'd call them for sure (not the insurance company, unless/until they find the guy who did it)
Good for you, Selu! I've always felt way uncoordinated and think it would be awesome to take ballet.
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