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I scored an autographed, mint condition copy of It's Okay to Be Different at Value Village last year for twenty-five cents! (now I'm afraid to let dd read it though....) We love Todd Parr. Dd really likes anything by Beatrix Potter. I feel a little concerned about the content of a lot of the stuff in them (rabbits being eaten, foxes fighting with dogs, etc., using the word "naughty") but I tend to edit that as I read it. Great vocabulary in there and not one of...
I drink very rarely, and when I do, it's usually one drink, maybe two...can't remember the last time I've actually been *drunk.*
And also, your PM box is full.
I like your sig, GM. LOL
I got broadband yesterday. I am now among the elite who are able to access and post on MDC. A return after a long vacation away, ever since the board change which made it impossible to access to dial-up. And I return to find..... ....this.....
I just got broadband today, and realized I can *finally* open threads in MDC again. This is the first thread I opened.... You are SUCH a tease, LJ.
If one my my students said they were going to get a whupping, I'd probably ask them, "When you said you'd get a whuppin, I was confused because I've never heard that before. Whta does it mean?" I'd ask it in private, and in the context of a relaxed conversation about general stuff. That would give me a better idea if it was something I needed to report.
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