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Hm. I just read the link to the med page that ss provided. Maybe it was a big deal for me because maybe I had one of the complications mentioned...possibly Acute rheumatic fever? Dunno. I was about 8, so I wouldn't know.
I would think it's a very good idea to keep her away from other kids for the 7 days. The incubation period, by definition, means that no signs of illness may occur during those 7 days. I had scarlet fever as a kid, and it was a biggie for me. I was out of school for a month. I remember what it was like. It was terrible. Definitely harder for me than the chicken pox were. I do know that everyone is different though...sounds like some kids get it more mildly and...
When my dd hits me, I say, "Ouch that hurts!" and "I need to be safe!" Then I either move her away from me or move away from her. Then I tell her to be gentle, and show her a gentle touch and then she practices it. I think it's normal to experiment with touch and hitting at this age. My dd keeps coming back to it, but now she knows after the first time to be gentle, and doesn't repeatedly hit.
Well.....we're waiting......
Hi everyone, happy New Year! I'm really not posting much because dd's dad is living here again, so I'm not a single parent anymore. It's really in flux because I hesitate to even call him my "boyfriend" or anything. So far things are going all right between the two of us...we are getting along fine, and working opposite shifts. My dd turned two years old today! Seasons and dd came to her party yesterday. Today I start my last quarter of school. In March, I...
I'm with Holland...why the need for the label? I think that if you are in a loving, supportive relaitonship with your baby's father, then no, you are not a single parent. Legally, however, you will be. so there you go. There's no one answer to your question. How would you label yourself?
I was Seattle, which is where I live. I dont' like coffee, though.
My own personal experiences make me angry when I think about how difficult it is to get help from the system. This makes more savvy people, also probably more capable, know how to better milk it, while people who need it have a hard time cutting through all the red tape. Did that make sense? I have a cousin who served in the Navy, along with his wife, both officers in the health care field. They had every little illness documented, knew the right people (doctors),...
Hm. Maybe it's worth it to see if he's grown up at all in the past 10 years?
Playful Parenting I don't think many consider this a discipline book, but it's the best I've read. A lot of great suggestions, techniques, and stuff to think about in relating to kids at all stages.
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