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Quote: Originally posted by asherah But in any case.. UU makes its stand on "God" very clear. I guess I am just surprised that the OP attended a UU congregation for a year without exploring this stance.. since having someone "acknowlege" a higher power is so important to her. Okay! Okay! I really sucked at getting my point across in this post, obviously. I am VERY familiar with the princples and stances of UU. Our church has lots of...
www.domini.com offers mutual funds selected "for their social and environmental performance." www.rsfoundation.org You won't make a lot of money with this. Will build interest while your money goes for social programs and community projects. www.shorebank-online.com offers "socially responsible CDs, Money Markets, and IRAs." www.parnassus.com invests in "....companies that treat their employees well, provide equal employment opportunity, invest in their...
Er, maybe I'm making the spoon-feeding thing sound a lot smoother than it really is. Mind you, when she is done eating, there is yogurt in her hair, on her arms, on her body, on the table, and on the chair!!!! She knows how to scoop it out, and she knows how to get it in her mouth relatively straight. She does tip it at a 45-90 degree angle a lot. I just go with the Montessori principle of letting kids figure out how to do things for themselves. I try to let her...
Zinia (Is that a plant? If not: Zebra plant)
Update, Oatmeal?
It sounds like you endured some horrible things over the years. Congratulations on getting out!
draw flat or hilly?
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