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Hi, I'm just finishing reading 'Authentic Childhood' and I quite liked it, although it is basically a textbook for ece teachers. It's pretty pricey, yes, but I managed to borrow this copy. It gives a good intro, overview of the main themes, a sense of the theories and theorists they have drawn from, quotes from teachers in north america trying to apply the ideas, and descriptions of projects from different preschools. I liked it because it gave me more of a concrete...
subbing since i am very much interested in learning what the reggio approach looks like in practice. i'm in bc and it doesn't seem like many people have heard of it here. i have a pipe dream of manifesting a reggio inspired preschool here in nelson. amy
hi, my name is amy and i've been hearing about mdc for a while but just haven't made it over here before now. i just moved to nelson bc recently, and have an almost 3 yr old dd. i am a self-employed single mum. some of you might seem familiar from wisewaysofwomen.com, and others, i will be pleased to make your aquaintance. amy
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