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coke or pepsi books wreck this journal book twilight stuff jewelry clothes I've been giving a cool ploymer clay kit that the girls all love. it comes with a great book full of ideas on different things to do with the clay. they still love crafty stuff.
i was with my grandmother when she died and we just spent time together. she just wanted to know that we were there. we talked about stuff we had done. she wanted to know how my kids were, what we were doing, etc. it was all pretty normal, given the situation.
No advice, but hope all is going well.
make sure all your carry on's are small enough to fit under the seat in front of you so you can access things when you need to. (if the seatbelt sign is on, they won't let you even stand up to get something out of the overhead) A portable dvd player was a godsend for us. mini doodle pro's also work well. We make sure we buy water before we get on the plane and i've bought those little packets to mix with the water to make fruit punch or lemonade. I pack...
I'm so sorry!
One thing that worked very well for us was a basket I kept that was just for "nursing time". My older dd could get it and I kept little books in there that I could read her with one hand, or other little things that I could do with one hand. We could only use the items in the basket when we were nursing, and I would have my older one climb up on my lap too. I made it special for all of us. Hang in there.
Well, I had twins and one died in the NICU so for quite a few years b'days were very hard. Actual PTSD though probably hit about a year later. I would have dreams of the alarms that would wake me up. Counseling helped. the dreams subsided.
by that age, I wasn't putting my kids in teh car seats on the plane, but I would make sure they were wearing the seatbelt at all times. you can check the car seat, and that's what i would do. It was just too hard with 2 kids and 2 carseats by myself. Both kids really did fine by that age. I always packed lots for them to do. Lots of snacks too.
I would suggest talking to him about his behavior. Kids don't really want to be friends with the "trouble makers" at this age, so talk to him about how he needs to behave. It's not easy, I know. My 1st grader is very bossy and it's hindered her making friends, but we've talked about it and she's gotten better and made some friends. Also, just invite kids over for play dates. Meet moms at the park, or some other place to get to know them too. When is his b'day? ...
thanks. i'll be watching this thread.
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